Top 5 Burnley Fan Chants 

Burnley might not be a top-tier team in English football, but they have amazing fans, and here we learn about the top 5 Burnley fan chants. 

Founded in 1882, Burnley became professional the following year. They enjoyed their glorious period from the 1950s until the 1970s and became one of the four professional teams to win all divisions of English football. They have been playing home games at Turf Moor since 1883.

The stadium is iconic due to the great environment it gifts the players to play in. The local fans turn to home games and sing their famous chants and songs. So without further ado, let’s find out the top 5 of them. 

Latest Burnley Fan Chant – The Ben Mee chant

A leading figure in the Burnley team, Ben Mee has become the fan favourite at Turf Moor. The central defender has played 376 matches in the claret jersey, which is a sensational achievement. He has held the flag high, giving the fans to cheer, enjoy and chant their songs. In return, the Burnley fans have gifted him this chant.






Used to play for Man City,
He’s got blonde hair and acne too.
Now he plays in claret and blue.


5. No One Likes Us

This song reflects the supporter’s courage to be disliked. The loyal Burnley fans always stand beside their club, even under challenging circumstances. They face threats, criticism and foul language from the opposition’s fans, but it only makes them stronger and motivated to chant for their club. They remind the opponent where they are from and suggest they won’t be bothered so easily.    

No one likes us,

No one likes us,

No one likes us,

We don’t care,

We are Burnley,

Super Burnley

We are Burnley,

From the Moor…

4. Forever and Ever

Burnley have a massive rivalry with Blackburn Rovers. The rivalry is known as the Cotton Mills Derby, El Lanclasico or East Lancashire derby. Both the teams belong to a town that used to be famous for cotton mills.

The main reason for the rivalry is the geographical location, as the two 11 miles (18 km) set both clubs apart. After the first battle in 1988, they remained a crucial opponent. Burnley fans showcase their domination through this chant whenever their opponent shows up at Turf Moor.   

For ever and ever,

We’ll follow a team,

It’s Burnley FC,

We are supreme!

We’ll never be mastered,

By the Blackburn b***ards,

And keep the claret flag flying high!

3. In our Lancashire homes

By signing this chant, the Burney fans show respect for their culture, mother tongue, and roots. They let the opponents know where they are from. It showcases that they are pretty proud of their city. Well, that’s a sign of die-hard fans. It suggests that they are not only supporting because they want to taste success but they are connected with the club because it has become a part of their lives.  

In our Lancashire homes,

We speak with an accent exceedingly rare,

The longside of Burnley will always be there,

In our Lancashire homes!

2. No Nay Never!

This is also a mocking chant towards Burnley’s eternal rivals Blackburn Rovers. They haven’t had a lot of face-offs in recent seasons as they are playing in different divisions of English football. However, the Burnley fans enjoy mocking their city rivals in the streets, pubs and public places of Lancashire. Whenever a face-off happens between the supporters, The Clarets fans sing this song.

And it’s no nay never,

No nay never no more,

Till we play b***ard Rovers,

No never no more.

1. The Burnley Aces

This chant reflects the commitment of the Burney supporters towards their team. Despite their busy life, whenever they hear that their favourite team is playing at the Turf Moor, they come running to the field. They fill the stadium with utter joy and emotions. When they sing this song in a choir, it can make a grown man cry as he would remember all the good memories he has experienced with the club.

Oh my lads you should have seen em running,

Running down the brunshaw road the Burnley boys are coming,

All the lads and lasses, smiles upon their faces,

Running down the Brunshaw road,

To see the Burnley Aces…

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Written by Surajit Das

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