Top 5 Wolves Fan Chants

Wolves fans are known for their loyal support and undying love for their club. They fill up the Molineux Stadium through their chants and songs and so, let us find out the top 5 Wolves fan chants.    

Wolverhampton Wanderers or popularly known as Wolves, was formed in 1877. The team is known for having an impressive fan base. Even though there have been some down moments in the group’s history, the loyal supporters have stood by their beloved club.

They have remained the primary energy source in the Molineux Stadium for many years. Today, we will learn what kind of songs they like to chant whenever their favourite teams take up the field. Without further ado, let’s get started!                  

Latest Crystal Palace fan Chant

Last year Wolves 1-0 home defeat against Tottenham Hotspur in August. Harry Kane made his first appearance of the season after being involved in an infamous transfer tussle between Manchester City and Tottenham.

When he came up at the 72nd minute, the fans started chanting this song to divert his concentration. In their latest chant, the Wolves supporters referred to the transfer drama to criticise the English striker and mock the opposing fans.   

Harry Kane, he wants to f*** off

There’s only one greedy b*****d” and “He’ll be a Manc in the morning 

5. Rúben Neves

Rúben Neves has become a fan favourite in the Molineux Stadium due to his impressive performances in recent years. The Portuguese defensive midfielder has [played a crucial role in controlling and dictating the game’s pace.

He has scored some vital goals in important matches, which has helped the team put up fights against top tier rivals. Ruben’s presence in the midfield means reliability and stability, which the fans have appreciated. They have created a special chant for the Portuguese star.      

We’ve got Neves,

Ruben Neves,

I just don’t think you understand,

He’s Nuno Santo’s man,

He’s better than Zidane,

We’ve got Ruben Neves

4. Raul Jimenez

Since joining Wolves in 2019, Jimenez has become one of the best players on the squad. He has given the fans a lot of enjoyment by scoring crucial goals. With 54 goals and 22 assists in 140 matches, the Mexican remains a star performer. His contributions haven’t gone unnoticed by the supporters who have gifted him with this fantastic chant.                         

There’s something that the Wolves want you to know,

Best in the world and he comes from Mexico,

Our number nine,

Give him the ball and he’ll score every time,

Si Senor,

Give the ball to Raul and he will score

3. Steve Bull

Former English striker played for Wolves from 1986 to 1999. In that span, he developed himself a lethal weapon and was one of the best strikers in the league. Scoring 250 goals in 474 matches across all competitions, he remains the all-time highest scorer of Wolves.

His robust striking power, coupled with his pace and skills, helped him destroy the opponent’s defence. His spell became a boon to the Wolves as they won the 1987–88 Fourth Division Championship, 1988–89 Third Division Championship and 1988 Football League Trophy. Still, fans chant this famous song at the Molineux Stadium in honour of the legendary striker.  

Oh Stevie Bull’s a tatter,

He wears the England cap,

He plays for Wolverhampton,

And he’s a lovely chap,

He scores them with his left foot,

He scores them with his right,

And when we play the Albion,

He’ll score all f***ing night

2. Born under a Wanderers scarf

Wolves have a fierce rivalry with West Bromwich Albion. The media has termed it the Black Country derby. The two teams are situated eleven miles (18 km) apart in the Black Country region of the West Midlands. Their rivalry started in the early-1880s and became a fierce sporting event in the country.

A 2008 football pools survey of 6,000 supporters ranked the rivalry as the most vicious rivalry in English football. Their fans get involved in intense off-field mocking whenever the two teams play. Usually, the Wolves fans sing this chant to showcase the pride of being a Wanderers supporter.       

I was born under a Wanderers scarf,

Do you know where hell is?,

Hell is at West Brom (s***),

Heaven is at Molineux and that’s where I’m from

1. Those were the days

Through this chant, the narrator reckons about the days of glory. There have been several high moments in the club’s history, including the league win on three different occasions. The successes have given the supporters immense joy. Even though Wolves haven’t won any titles in recent years, the supporters have remembered their achievements. They reflect how they used to sing and dance through this song.

Once upon a time there was a tavern,

Where we used to raise a glass or two,

Or three or four,

Where we used to wind away the hours,

Thinking of the things we used to do,

Those were the days my friend,

We thought they’d never end,

We’d sing and dance forever and a day,

We’d live the life we choose,

We’d fight never and lose,

We are the Wolves,

Oh yes we are the Wolves

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Written by Surajit Das

Here is the list of top 5 Crystal Palace fan chants. (Credit: Getty Images)

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