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Top 5 Newcastle United Fan Chants

Newcastle United fans fill the St. James’ Park with chants, shouting and cheering in order to make the match more enticing. Read on to learn the top 5 Newcastle United fan chants. 

Founded in 1892 by the merger of Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End, Newcastle United is the ninth highest trophy holder in English football. The Magpies spent their most successful period between 1904 and 1910 when they secured an FA Cup title and three league trophies.

Throughout the years, Newcastle fans have created some memorable chants that still resonate through St. James’ Park. The loyal supporters visit the stadium on match days and express their emotions by singing these songs.   

Latest Newcastle United fan chant – Joelinton song

Joelinton has developed himself into a reliable player under Eddie Howe. His change in form has been noticed by the fans who have gifted him with a new chant. The toons sing this song to the tune of ‘She’s Electric’ by Oasis, a mid 90’s hit.

He’s Brazilian,

He only cost 40 million,

And we think he’s f*ckking brilliant


5. Same Old Shearer

Alan Shearer is the all-time top scorer of the Premier League and of Newcastle United as well. During his stay at Newcastle, the Englishman turned into a goalscoring beast, wrecking the opponent’s defence. He spent close to 1 decade in the black and white jersey, scoring 206 goals in 405 matches.

From the late 90s to the early 2000s, he gave immense joy to the Newcastle fans, who used to chant this song after each one of his goals. This chant reflects the fans’ confidence in the lethal striker who used to score regularly in the Premier League. ‘Same Old Shearer’ is no.5 in the top 5 Newcastle fan chants. 

Same old Shearer, always scoring

Same old Shearer, always scoring

4. We Love Newcastle

This chant showcases the undying love of the fans towards their beloved club. Even though the wealthy owners run the operations, Football clubs genuinely belong to the fans- the city residents and global admirers of the club. Some of them get so attached to the club that its failure and losses leave a significant impact on their daily mood and motivation to go to work.

The toon army comprises some die-hard supporters who don’t hesitate to remind the club how much they love it. In a way, this chant is also an alert for the players regarding the high stakes involved in representing such a big club full of admirers. ‘We Love Newcastle’ is no.4 in the top 5 Newcastle fan chants. 

We love Newcastle, we do
We love Newcastle, we do
We love Newcastle, we do
Oh, Newcastle we love you

3. When the Mags Go Marching in

There are many adaptations of the “When the Saints go marching in,” and ‘when the mags go marching in’ is the Newcastle version. This is a straightforward chant mainly reflecting the club’s success.

Even though Newcastle United hasn’t won any titles in recent years, the fans imply that they are advancing close to their aim through this song. This chant suggests the power of a group and community as it mentions the narrator’s interest to be in a marching group.

Football brings people together, and it creates an incredible bond between them. Supporting the club from the stands and enjoying the moments with fellow supporters is always special, and the fans make this moment memorable by chanting this song together. ‘When the Mags Go Marching in’ is 3rd in the top 5 Newcastle fan chants. 

Oh, when the Mags
Go marching In 
Oh, when the Mags go marching in
I want to be in that number
Oh, when the Mags go marching in       

2. Geordie Boot Boys

This chant completely sums up the passion and enthusiasm of Newcastle supporters. The toons, also known as ‘Geordies’, suggest that maybe they are mad and mental; their love for their beloved club is immeasurable. They proclaim themselves as the most loyal supporters in the world.

By signing this chant, ‘the Geordie boot boys’ feel proud and grateful at the same time. On a football pitch, mainly two kinds of battles are played, one where the players and managers try to outsmart each other in the match and another one where the home fans dominate their counterparts through chanting, screaming and singing.

The ‘Geordie boot boys’ attempt to dominate the off-the-pitch battle through this chant. ‘Geordie Boot Boys’ has secured the 2nd spot in the top 5 Newcastle United fan chants.   

We are the Geordies! The Geordie Boot Boys!
For we are mental! For we are mad!
For we’re the loyalist football supporters!
The world has ever had!

1. Blaydon Races

This chant might be the most popular one among the toons. Several teams have their own versions of Blaydon Races. But the Newcastle supporters have made it their own. Whenever they sing this song at St. James’ Park, they feel at home.

The chant takes local references and makes it even more familiar to the supporters. They sing this chant throughout the match, raising their high voices that resonate through the stadium. Blaydon Races is 1st in the top 5 Newcastle United fan chants.

I went to Blaydon Races
‘Twas on the 9th of June
Eighteen-hundred and sixty-two
On a summer’s afternoon
We took the bus from Balmbras
And she was heavy laden
Away we went along Collingwood Street
That’s on the road to Blaydon

Oh me lads, you should’ve seen us gannin’

Passing the folks along the road
Just as they were stannin’
All the lads and lasses there
All wi’ smilin’ faces
Gannin along the Scotswood Road
To see the Blaydon Races

We flew past Armstrong’s factory
And up by the Robin Adair
Gannin ower the Railway Bridge
The bus wheel flew off there
The lasses lost their crinolenes
And the veils that hide their faces
I got two black eyes and a broken nose
Gannin t’ Blaydon Races

Oh me lads…

Now when we got the wheel back on
Away we went again
But them that had their noses broke
They went back ower hyem
Some went to the dispensary
And some to Doctor Gibbses
And some to the infirmary
To mend their broken ribses

Oh me lads…

Now when we got to Paradise
There were bonny games begun
There were four and twenty on the bus
And how we danced and sung
They called on me to sing a song
And I sung ’em “Paddy Fagan”
I danced a jig and I swung me twig
The day wi’ went to Blaydon

Oh me lads…

We flew across the Chain Bridge
And into Blaydon Toon
The bellman he was calling then
They called him Jackie Broon
I saw him talking to some chaps
And them he was persuadin’
To gan and see Geordie Ridley’s show
At the Mechanics’ Hall in Blaydon

Oh me lads…

The rain it poured down all the day
And made the ground quite muddy
Coffee Johnny had a white hat on
Shouted, “Whi stole the cuddy?”
There were spice stalls and monkey shows
And owld wives selling ciders
And a chap on a ha’penny roundaboot
Saying, “Noo me lads for riders?”

Oh me lads… (to fade)

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