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Top 5 Everton Fan Chants

Everton supporters create an energetic environment at Goodison Park by singing chants. These songs have been around for years and still give goosebumps. Read on to learn more about the top 5 Everton fan chants.

Founded in 1878, Everton FC is rich in history and achievements. Missing only four top-flight seasons, the toffees are third in the all-time points ranking. When their players take to the field at Goodison Park, the club’s fans fill the stadium with chants and cheering. This chant is a way to celebrate their club’s historic achievements and encourage the players to give their all on the field.

Latest Everton Fan Chant – I wanna be like Dele Alli

Dele Alli who joined the Everton team in January 2022, has been awarded a new chant by the club’s fans. Alli is one of the stars who is famous for his taste in fashion and cars. Fans made this catchy song by taking references from his lifestyle. The Englishman took the chant lightheartedly and even reacted to it on Twitter.

I wanna be like Dele Alli,

I wanna wear whatever Dele Alli wears,

I wanna car like Dele Alli,

And I want dreadlocks in my hair!


5. Roberto Had a Dream

This chant was circulated when the current Belgium national team manager Roberto Martínez was in charge of the toffees. The Belgian had a decent spell from 2013 to 2016 at the club. Even though the club didn’t have much financial power, the manager created a strong team by signing players on loan and using young talents.

It was far from a perfect team, but it gave the Everton fans immense joy to watch their beloved club put out competitive fights against wealthy teams. The fans celebrated Roberto Martínez’s spell by chanting this song. ‘Roberto Had a Dream’ is 5th in the top 5 Everton fan chants.             

Roberto had a dream
To build a football team
He had no money so he signed the players on loan
We play from the back
With Ross in attack
The School of Science
Is on the way back

4. It’s a Grand Old Team

Founded in 1878, Everton has competed in the English top-flight for a record 118 seasons. This achievement is far from the grasp of several current top-performing teams. The club has earned nine league titles, five FA Cups, one European Cup Winners’ Cup and nine Charity Shields.

Even though the toffees haven’t been able to taste success in recent years, the fans used to make sure the opponent understands how big their club is. The roaring sounds of this chant resonate through Goodison Park, cruising opponent’s souls and rejuvenating confidence in every Everton player.

They criticize bitter rivals Liverpool, through this chant as well. ‘It’s a Grand Old Team’ is 4th in the top 5 Everton fan chants.    

Hail, Hail, The Everton are here,
What the hell do we care,
What the hell do we care,
Hail, Hail, The Everton are here,
What the hell do we care now …

For its a Grand Old Team to play for,
For its a Grand Old team to see,
And if you know the history,
It’s enough to make your heart go

We don’t care what the REDS**** say,
What the f*** do we care,
For we all know,
That there’s going to be a show,
When the Everton boys are there

3. Singing the Blues

This is a famous Everton chant that the fans sing when playing against city rivals Liverpool. 970 Meters away from each other’s home stadium, the toffees and the Reds have been involved in a historic rivalry known as the Merseyside derby.

Even though it was considered a ‘friendly rivalry’ in the initial years, it turned bitter in the mid-1980s. Now it has become the longest-running top-flight rivalry in English football. Despite the Reds’ domination in the overall stats, the Toffeemen put out threatening performances when involved in this fixture.

Everton fans show their disregard for the rivals by chanting this song. By trolling and demotivating their enemies, they attempted to make them vulnerable. ‘Singing the Blues’ is no.3 in the top 5 Everton fan chants.  

I’ve never felt more like singin’ the Blues
When Everton win and Liverpool lose
Oh, Everton, you’ve got me singin’ the Blue

2. Forever Everton

This popular chant is a proud message for every Everton fan. This song represents the undying love of the fans towards the club regardless of the result and circumstances. This song glorifies the toffees supporters as the best in the world and praises the team for playing the most beautiful football.

By signing this song, the supporters suggest that they have the back of the team and they would never let the team down. Even though the fans chant it regularly at Goodison Park, the actual value of this song is understood when the club is going through a challenging phase. ‘Forever Everton’ has secured the no.2 spot in the top 5 Everton fan chants.    

Everton, Everton,
We’re Forever Everton,
Everton, Everton,
We’re Forever Everton 
All for one
One for all
Everton’s the team that plays beautiful football

We’ve got the best supporters
On any football ground
And as long as they’re behind us
We’ll never let them down
The men who go from Merseyside
To sail the seven sea’s
Will hear the call of Everton
Come riding on the green

1. Here We Go

This one is probably the most famous among Everton supporters because of its simple lyrics and straightforward meaning. In some cases, the opponent has been tougher than the home team, but the fans made sure to make a memorable fight through this chant.

This song is a showdown of the power of Everton football club as well as a threat to opposing teams. Glorifying the team as no.1 helps motivate the home players as well. When this song circulates throughout Goodison Park, it creates unforgettable memories. ‘Here We Go’ is no.1 in our list of top 5 Everton fan chants.

Here we go, here we go, here we go
Everton is the best we all know
We’re the team, we’re supreme, number one
And we love you, Everton

Here we go, here we go, here we go
Side by side as we sing along together
We’re Everton and we’ll be Everton forever

Everton forever, we are on our way together
Getting stronger every day, we are winners all the way

Here we go, here we go, here we go
Everton is the best we all know
We’re the team, we’re supreme, number one
And we love you, Everton

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