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Top 5 Aston Villa Fan Chants

Aston Villa fans create a fantastic environment in Villa Park by chanting songs, shouting and cheering. So let’s find out the top 5 Aston Villa fan chants.   

Founded in 1874, Aston Villa have ranked fifth in the all-time English top-flight table. Apart from winning major English titles, Villa won one European Cup in 1982. Villa has a fierce rivalry with Birmingham City. Traditionally their home jersey is of claret colour with sky blue sleeves.

They wear white shorts and sky blue shocks. Aston Villa fans fill their home stadium with chants and songs whenever their team plays. So without further ado, let’s find out more about the chants.          

Latest Aston Villa Fan Chants 

After joining the Aston Villa side in January 2022, Philippe Coutinho has become a fan favourite rapidly, which is quite understandable considering the s[pell of magnificent performances he has given.

Coutinho’s highly productive spell has earned a lot of appearances from the Aston Villa fans, who even made a chant to celebrate the Brazilian midfielder’s incredible qualities. It certainly seems the Lions fans are enjoying the services of the former Liverpool star.     

He went to Barça and won the league in Spain. He went to Munich , He did the same again. He’s fuc*ing magic and don’t you fuc*ing know! His names Philippe, Philippe Coutinho

5. Gino

This one was initially born from a tune played by the stadium DJ. This chant has been around since Dean Saunders’ time. The original version of the chant is ‘Gino’ by Dexys Midnight Runners. The Aston Villa fans have made it their own by chanting it throughout the game. The fans enjoy chanting this song in an energetic voice.    

Wo wo Deano!

4. New York, New York

Aston Villa fans chant this song in respect of Dwight Yorke. The Trinidadian spent most of his career in Aston Villa and was known to be a lethal striker during his peak years. Scoring 77 goals and providing 11 assists in 233 matches, he left a mark on Villa fans’ memory.

The chant was initially inspired by one of Frank Sinatra’s songs. Villa fans first started this song in 1990, and it became an instant hit. This song is a proper tribute to a legend who had a significant influence on Villa and the Premier League as a whole.

Start spreading the news, he’s playing today, I want to see him score again – Dwight Yorke, Dwight Yorke. If he can score from there, he’ll score from anywhere, it’s up to you, Dwight Yorke, Dwight Yorke.                                   

3. My old man said be a City fan

This chant is a classic banter towards Aston Villa’s rival, Birmingham City. Known as the ‘Second City derby’, the Aston Villa vs Birmingham was first played in 1879. Even though we currently don’t know when the villa fans started chanting this song, this one was derived from a 1940’s old cockney tune ‘Don’t Dilly Dally (My Old Man Said Follow The Van).

The lyrics of this chant are filled with slang directed towards Birmingham fans and players. It reflects how intense the rivalry has become in recent years. 

My old man said be a city fan
and i said boll**ks you’re a c*nt,
you’re a c*nt.

We hate the blues and they f*ckin know it,
we hate the blues and were gonna show it.

With Spinksy and Birchy, Alan McInally,
there the boys who’re gonna do us fine.

And if you support the blues then
you’re a blue nose bast**d,
and you ain’t no friend of mine…


2. Kum Bay Ya

This chant from Villa fans is a tribute to Paul McGrath. The Irishman spent years guarding the backline of Aston Villa. The central defender gained a God-like status among the fans of the club. McGrath appeared a total of 220 times for the lions.

Proving to be one of the best centre-backs to ever play in the Villa jersey, McGrath helped the team win 2 English League Cups. Villa fans have remembered the Irishman’s contributions to the club’s history, and they show their gratitude by singing this chant. 

Paul McGrath my lord, Paul McGrath, Paul McGrath my lord, Paul McGrath, Paul McGrath my lord, Paul McGrath, oh lord, Paul McGrath

1. Allez Allez Allez

This one is Aston Villa’s own version of ‘Allez Allez Allez Allez’. This one is so powerful that it lifts the mood of the stadium all alone. The original version of ‘Allez Allez Allez’ was a 1985 hit from Italian disco duo Righeira, ‘L’Estate Sta Finendo’ (Summer Is Ending).

Even though several versions of ‘Allez, Allez, Allez’ have circulated over the years, Aston Villa’s version remains a classic. This one reflects the proudness of the Villa supporters. Everybody at Villa Park sings it at top of their lungs to create a highly effective environment.

Every week we follow,

The boys in claret and blue,

We conquered all of Europe – in 1982

The Villa boys from Aston, we travel near and far,

You will hear us singing,

From the stands of Villa Park,

Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez

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