The top 5 Antoine Griezmann hairstyles


The top 5 Antoine Griezmann hairstyles

Footballers have several ways to express themselves on and off the field.

Performing tricks, scoring goals and celebrating are some forms where a player can break away from the others.

Alan Shearer’s hand raise, Paul Pogba’s dabs or Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Siiii” are some celebrations that will remain long in the memory.

Antoine Griezmann joined Barcelona from Atletico Madrid in the summer

Footballers also bring a lot of style to the game with different kinds of shoes and hairstyles. Pogba is known for changing his look almost on a weekly basis, however, one of his international teammates isn’t far behind.

Antoine Griezmann is one of the best in La Liga and won the World Cup with France recently.

The Frenchman was in the news when he left Atletico Madrid for Barcelona, but he does like changing his hair.

The forward has tried everything from hair colour to different cuts and styles.

Footballers have the time and money to experiment with looks, and here are the top 5 Antoine Griezmann hairstyles.

#5 The regular cut

Nothing special to see here when compared to what Pogba or even Freddie Ljungberg might have done in the past.

Antoine Griezmann made a name for himself at Real Sociedad

This is a normal hairstyle for most footballers, but Griezmann seemed to be doing quite well with this cut when starring for Atletico Madrid.

The Frenchman made his name under Diego Simeone in Madrid before moving to Barcelona and had several top moments with Real’s biggest city rivals.

#4 Unkempt look

Footballers often let their hair grow and Griezmann has tried his luck with various long hairstyles.

Antoine Griezmann has had some average games for Barcelona

This is a recent photo from his time at Barcelona and it would have been a huge mess for most footballers.

However, Griezmann seems to carry this style with ease and his flowing locks seem to match his brilliant dribbles against the opposition.

The 28-year-old might have started his career at Barcelona slowly but that hasn’t stopped him from trying different things out.

#3 The band

It is often difficult to keep flowing locks in control on the pitch and many stars have used hairbands in recent years.

Antoine Griezmann was one of the top players at Atletico Madrid

Griezmann isn’t averse to trying this look and he used bands during his time with Atletico too.

This was the Frenchman’s signature style for a few years. This wasn’t the most special hairstyle for him, however, he let his feet do the talking on the pitch.

#2 Buzz cut Mohawk

Taking it up a notch, the Frenchman tried this look during his Atletico and Real Sociedad days.

Antoine Griezmann during his Atletico Madrid days

Not only did Griezmann sport a Mohawk, he also coloured his hair to make it stand out more.

That didn’t matter for the 28-year-old as he was Atletico and Sociedad’s best attacking player, and it is surprising why he doesn’t take up similar styles anymore.

#1 Short

This might be the blandest of all the styles for a footballer, but it should hold a special place for Griezmann.

Antoine Griezmann won the World Cup with France in 2018

The Frenchman cut off his locks during the 2018 World Cup and for good measure too.

The 28-year-old lifted the World Cup with France and was the second highest scorer in the competition.

Griezmann also was adjudged to be the third best player in the tournament, and the World Cup win has to be the highlight of his career so far.

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