Top 5 Rangers Fan Chants

Scottish club Rangers have some of the most loyal supporters in Europe. The spectators fill the Ibrox Stadium with chants and songs. Read on to find out the top 5 Rangers fan chants. 

Formed in 1872 by three teenagers, Glasgow Rangers is the fourth oldest Scottish club. Rangers have won the Scottish first-tier championship 55 times, which reflects their dominance in the competition.

The loyal supporters of Rangers often create a mesmerising environment in their home stadium through chanting, singing and shouting. Even though some of the chants are very old, they remain popular among the fans. So, let’s find out the top 5 Rangers fan chants.       

Latest Rangers Fan Chants 

Rangers supporters have made this chant for Amad Diallo, who joined the Scottish team on a one-season loan from Manchester United in January 2022. The young Ivorian talent has put out some clinical performances lately, which have helped him earn the fans’ trust.

Rangers fans have mentioned the United loanee’s ability to attack from the flank. They are enjoying the youngster’s performances, and their chant will make him more confident in the coming matches.

Di-al-lo, aha. Running down the wing, aha.

Here the Rangers sing, aha.

We’re gonna win the league.    

5. Follow, Follow

This is a classic Rangers chant that reflects the undying love of the fans for their beloved club. It says that the fans will follow the team everywhere they go regardless of the circumstances. The deeper meaning indicates that even though there would be tough times along with successful spells. Thus, the supporters remind the club that they have their back by chanting this song.

This is a trait of a loyal follower of the club, whose love isn’t dependent on the match’s outcome. They have been behind the club from the day they found love, and they will remain like this until the day they die.

Though the straits be broad or narrow,

Follow we will, follow we will, follow we will,

If the straits be broad or narrow, follow we will,

We will follow in the footsteps of our team.

Follow follow,

We will follow Rangers,

Everywhere, anywhere,

We will follow on.

Dundee, Hamilton,

Aberdeen and back again

If they go to Dublin

We will follow on.                                              

4. Blue Sea of Ibrox

Ibrox is the home stadium of Rangers. Designed by architect Archibald Leitch, the stadium began hosting games in 1929. The iconic stadium remains the third-largest football stadium in Scotland. Rangers have achieved historical feats in this stadium; thus, it has a great significance among the fans.

Whenever they come to the ‘Ibrox Stadium’, they feel at home. Supporters find new companions in this place who are all connected by one simple thing: the love for the club. Through this chant, the fans showcase their love for the stadium.

They term themselves as ‘Blue sea’ and suggest the view inside the stadium as ‘the greatest one’. Through this song, they remind the players about the huge stake involved in representing the club.

It’s the blue blue blue sea of Ibrox (sea of Ibrox),

It’s the greatest sight that I have ever seen (ever seen),

It’s the blue blue blue sea of Ibrox (sea of Ibrox),

And it’s part of every Rangers player’s dream.

3. Penny Arcade

There are different theories about the birth of this chant. Some say this chant was sung by fans 30/40 years ago. Regardless of the knowledge of its origin, ‘Penny Arcade’ has become one of the most popular songs among Rangers supporters. When they sing it together, the whole stadium thrives with joy and amusement at the same time.

A light shown in the night some way ahead,

Blue turned into green then it was red

And stirring the night love music played the light

I saw in the night was a penny arcade

Hey step up and play each machine seemed to say,

As I walked round and round the penny arcade

Just ring the bell on the big bagatelle

And you’ll make all those colored lights cascade

And music played at the penny arcade,

Yes it played and it played,

Played all the time

Roll up and spend your last dime.      

2. Simply The Best

This one is a short chant praising the Rangers fans. Fans are the true power of a football club and when they unite in support of their favourite club, the energy forsake from them is immense. The supporters channelise this energy to the players through this chant.

It works as a motivation for the players on the pitch and the fans in the stands. When they sing this song in a high choir, it resonates through the whole stadium and creates unforgettable memories.

You’re simply the best,

Better than all the rest,

Better than anyone,

Anyone I’ve ever met.   

1. Derry’s Walls

‘Derry’s Walls’ is one of the most popular chants among the Rangers fans. It reflects that the fans will not surrender and give their all to defend Derry’s walls. It reflects the never give up attitude of the supporters. Even though the 22 players compete against each other on the pitch for supremacy, there is another battle played in the stands between the opposing fans.

This battle also has a significant value to the outcome of the match. By signing this chant, Rangers fans remind their rivals that they are going to hunt them down if they don’t surrender. The widespread use of this song can be seen during the Rangers vs Celtic game, which is a classic rivalry in world football.  

Altogether now!

The cry was no surrender,

Surrender or you’ll die (die! die!),

With heart and hand and sword and shield

We’ll guard old Derry’s walls.

When James and all his rebel scum

Came up to Bishop’s Gate,

With heart and hand and sword and shield

We’ll guard old Derry’s walls.

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Written by Surajit Das

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