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Top 5 Blackburn Rovers fan chants

Blackburn Rovers fans create a fantastic atmosphere at Ewood Park through singing and chanting, and here we learn about the top 5 Blackburn Rovers fan chants.

Founded in 1875, Blackburn Rovers have gone through several ups and downs. Their glory days started after local entrepreneur Jack Walker took charge of the Rovers in 1992. A year later, they secured promotion to the Premier League, and in 1995 they won the English top-flight title.

Rovers got relegated in the 2011/12 season and haven’t been able to make a comeback to the top-flight since. However, the club’s loyal supporters have stood by the club in difficult times. They showcase their paramount love and affection towards Rovers by singing songs and chants. 

5. Samba Samba, give us a wave

The fans enjoy their time at the stadium by chanting this song. They influence everyone to stand up and initiate a wave supporting the players. Running away from all their stress and fear in ordinary life, the fans go to Ewood Park, where they feel safe and rejoice. With fellow supporters, they sing this song in a high choir. That’s the time when they feel at home.

Samba Samba give us a wave, samba give us a wave, samba Samba give us a wave, samba give us…

Top 5 Blackburn Rovers fan chants.
Top 5 Blackburn Rovers fan chants.

4. We’ll never be mastered by No Burnley

Blackburn Rovers shares a long-standing rivalry with Burnley football club. The match between the two teams is called the East Lancashire derby or Cotton Mills Derby. The nickname was influenced by the history of the two places as they were previously mill towns.

They first played against each other on 3 November 1888. With time their rivalry has become intense. The reason for such competitiveness is their geographical location, as the two towns are 11 miles (18 km) apart from each other. The Rovers showcase strength and power before their city rivals by chanting this song. 

Forever and ever, we’ll follow our team, the Blackburn Rovers, we are supreme, we’ll never be mastered, by No Burnley…

3. King Kenny, he is magic

After taking charge of the club, Jack Walker made Sir Kenny Dalglish the manager of Blackburn Rovers. The Liverpool legend transformed the team into a beast. After becoming one of the best teams in England, they fought for the title and won it back in 1995. The fans were emphatic about their achievement and made this song in honour of the legendary manager. 

King kenny he is magic he wears a magic hat and when he saw the premiership he says i’m avin…

2. We love you, Rovers

This is a straightforward chant reflecting the supporters’ love for the club. Once in a while, they remind the club how much they love it. Even though they enjoy singing this chant, this one is also an indication to the players to give their best on the field. They remind the players what’s at stake and encourage them to put in the extra effort.   

We love you Rovers, we do, we love you Rovers, we do, we love you Rovers, we do, oh Rovers…

1. Famous white and blue 

The fans reflect their undying love for Blackburn Rovers by signing this chant. After winning the league in 1995, Rovers were relegated in the 1998–99 season. They made a comeback to the top flight in 2001/02. However, they were again relegated in 2011/12.

Since then, they haven’t been able to get back to the Premier League. In such adverse circumstances, coaches, players, supporting staff and sometimes owners have changed, but the loyal fans remained committed to the club. Through this chant, they make it clear that they will keep fighting beside the club till the last day of their lives.

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And here’s to you the famous white and blue ewood loves you more than you will know woahhhhh…. we’ll fight….