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Top 10 Worst Football Teams in the World

World Football has seen from best to the worst. So let us find out about the 10 Worst Football Teams in the World

In Football, we have seen some of the best performances from different teams across the World. But there are a lot of couples who weren’t able to make their mark on the biggest stage. In addition, some clubs and teams have angered their fans due to their poor performances. So here is a look at the 10 Worst Football Teams in the World.

1. Grenchen FC (2014-15)

Grenchen FC is a club from Switzerland. The 2014-15 season for Grenchen was a nightmare and mainly for the fans. The team lost nine games in a row and ended the season with 23 defeats in 26 matches, conceding 66 goals. 

2. Liga - FC Grenchen 15 siegt im Verfolgerduell
Grenchen FC (Solothurner Zeitung)

Their worst loss came against Lucerne’s youth team, where they lost by ten goals. It is a fascinating fact that Renato Brun, the Club’s sporting director, fired all 11 players who were a part of that dreadful game. The Club was founded in 1906 and since then has won only one Schweizer Cup.

2. AFC Aldermaston (2009-10)

This English Club had its worst season during the 2009-10 season, where they shocked their fans by losing matches regularly. They lost 40 consecutive games, and its last loss took place on 8 April 2010 against Downton. But, unfortunately, they couldn’t manage a draw. 

AFC Aldermaston celebrate as 1-1 draw ends the worst run in British  football history | Daily Mail Online
AFC Aldermaston (Daily Mail)

The record of 40 defeats in a row led to football fans calling this team the worst English football team in history. In addition, AFC Aldermaston conceded 150 goals, becoming one of the worst clubs in the World. You can bet your money that you won’t see a club having the worst season in your life and for similar soccer betting, visit nha cai uy tin Social bet to place your bet.

3. Longford (2016-17)

During the 2016-2017 season, Longford club became one of the worst soccer clubs in the World by conceding 226 goals and losing every match of the season that too with a margin of 15-0, 16-0 and 17 0. Their best result came against Wotton Rovers, where they lost by only one goal.

Longford FC: Football team that lose games by 10 goals or more confident  the new year will bring more luck | The Independent | The Independent
Longford (The Independent)

4. Leyton Orient (1994-95)

Leyton Orient is next on the list. During the 1994-95 season, the British Club won just one out of 15 matches. When Leyton conceded one goal in the first half against Blackpool, their condition worsened, which led to John Sitton, the youth team boss, sacking the captain Terry Howard in the dressing room.

First Team - Leyton Orient FC
Leyton Orient FC (Leyton)

5. Brechin City (2017-18)

Next up on the list is the Scottish Club Brechin City. During the 2017-18 season, the team’s debut season in the Scottish Championship. Brechin City drew only four times during the season and lost 32 matches, becoming the first Scottish team to fail to win a single game in a whole season in its 126 years.

Brechin City FC on Twitter: "📸| Brechin City FC 2019/20  https://t.co/xQhp5XLxHX" / Twitter
Brechin City (Twitter)

6. Carpet Masters (Guam)

The team from Guam played ten matches and lost all of them, and not only that, Carpet Masters lost by some big margins, including 9-0, 10-0, and 11-0. As per goal.com, they certainly are one of the Worst Teams in the World. 

7. Derby County 

During 2007-08, this team of Billy Davies turned out to be very disappointing for its fans. They won only once and had 29 defeats, including eight draws. Moreover, they conceded a lot of goals and got just 11 points. As a result, they set the record as the Premier League’s lowest points during the season.

Worst Football Teams
Derby County (The Telegraph)

8. Tasmania Berlin (1965-66)

Tasmania Berlin is a club from Germany that had one of the worst nightmares during the 1965-66 season. It was their first and only season in the Bundesliga. 

Tasmania Berlin remain German Bundesliga's worst-ever team... and are proud  of it
Tasmania Berlin (ESPN)

The Club conceded 108 goals and got only 8 points in that season, scoring 15 goals. They suffered a big 9-0 defeat against Meidricher.

9. Pescara (2016-17)

Next on the list is a team from Italy, Pescara. Unfortunately, the 2016-17 season, the Club’s first season in Serie A, became a nightmare for them.

Opening day performance gives hope to Pescara's survival chances - Ghana  Latest Football News, Live Scores, Results - GHANAsoccernet
Pescara FC (Ghana Soccer)

They conceded 81 goals and scored only 18. During the whole season, they won only three matches. Finally, the fans became so angry that they set two of the Club’s president’s cars on fire.

10. Ibis (1980-1984)

This Club is known as the worst Club in the World as the team didn’t win a single match for years. The Brazilian team Ibis spent three years and eleven months from 1980-84 without winning. 

Brazil's 'worst team in the world' starts winning – and the club's fans are  livid | Brazil | The Guardian
Ibis FC (The Guardian)

The Club also earned the record of the most prolonged period any football club had gone without winning in the Guinness Book of Records.

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