Manuel Lanzini Girlfriend Jennifer Reina Wiki 2022- Age, Net Worth, Career, Kids, Family and more

Who Is Jennifer Reina? Meet The Girlfriend Of Manuel Lanzini

Jennifer Reina is famous for being the girlfriend of West Ham star Manuel Lanzini. Read on to learn more about her nationality, net worth, facts and family. 

Coming from an Argentinian family, Jennifer has achieved great feats in her career through commitment and hardship. Currently, she is a renowned photographer and fashion producer earning a handsome amount of money. She is the biggest supporter of his partner, Manuel Lanzini. 

The West Ham midfielder also had to struggle for everything he has achieved. But he kept his head down and continued to work towards his goal. Finally one of the top teams in England, West Ham signed him in 2016. Since then he has developed himself into a top defender and has earned a lot of love and respect from the fans.

His professional life is very interesting, but we think you’re not here to learn about his career, but to find out more about his love life. Well in this article, we are going to give you all the information you need to know about the stunning girlfriend of Manuel Lanzini. So without further ado, let’s get started!                                                                                                   

Jennifer Reina Facts & Wiki

BirthdayJuly 9, 1993
Place of BirthArgentina
Partner Manuel Lanzini
JobMake-Up Artist, Photographer and Fashion Producer 
Sister / BrotherN.A
Father & MotherN.A
Hair ColourBlonde 
Eye ColourBrown 
Net Worth (approx.)N.A

Jennifer Reina Childhood and Family 

Jennifer was born on July 9, 1993, to an Argentinian family, making her nationality Argentine. She has achieved a lot of fame over the years, and now the camera follows her everywhere she goes. However, she hasn’t shared much on any public platform regarding her family details.

Due to the lack of information on the topic, we currently don’t know the name of her parents and their jobs. We are also unsure whether she has any siblings. We are looking for more details and will update the article if any new data comes up. Stay tuned to know more about the girlfriend of Manuel Lanzini.                                        

Jennifer Reina is Argentinian. (Credit: Instagram)
Jennifer Reina is Argentinian. (Credit: Instagram)

Jennifer Reina Education

Jennifer hasn’t shared much about her educational journey; hence where she studied is a total mystery. As she spent most of her childhood and early life in Argentina, we believe she went to a local high school in her hometown.

Due to the lack of information, we are unsure whether she went to college after that. Considering she was passionate about photography from an early age, our guess is that she entered the field at an early age rather than going for higher studies.                                         

Jennifer Reina career 

Jennifer plays a lot of roles in her day-to-day life. She is a makeup artist, a photographer and a fashion producer. She started her journey at a young age and got early appreciation from her audience due to her incredible skills and charming personality.

Even though the early boost in her career gave her a head start, she still did a lot of hard work to reach where she is today. She has several reliable clients. Due to her pregnancy, she had to take a small break from her work, but she has restarted her work. 

Jennifer is also an Instagram star. She already had a fanbase due to her amazing photos. But when her relationship with Skriniar became public, it gave her profile an instant boost of followers. By doing brand promotions and collaborations, she makes a lot of money through her channel. She has a solid sense of fashion, which helps her communicate with her audience.           

Manuel Lanzini and girlfriend Jennifer Reina during a beach vacation. (Credit: Instagram)
Manuel Lanzini and girlfriend Jennifer Reina during a beach vacation. (Credit: Instagram)

Jennifer Reina Net Worth 

Jennifer’s net worth is currently under review. As she hasn’t shared much about her earnings, we couldn’t calculate the exact number of her net worth. However, we believe she has accumulated a massive sum from her photography and fashion production career. Her social reach ensures that the cash flow doesn’t stop. We will update the article as soon as we find her total worth.      

Manuel Lanzini also has a significant net worth. He is currently one of the highest-paid players of West Ham, and he could earn a lot more as his career progresses. That’s why the duo now doesn’t have any financial problems.                                             

Jennifer Reina and Manuel Lanzini relationship

Manuel Lanzini met with his girlfriend in 2018 and has remained inseparable since then. The duo knew that they were attracted to one another after their initial meeting. After spending a few days together, they were madly in love. Their relationship has grown and has become even stronger with time. The arrival of their child has made them even more mature and responsible. 

Lanzini had another woman in his life before Jennifer. However, when she met with the beautiful Argentinian, he was more than happy to move on. The duo hasn’t announced any plans of tying the knot yet, but we believe the special news could arrive very soon.                                  

Manuel Lanzini hasn't yet proposed to his girlfriend. (Credit: Instagram)
Manuel Lanzini hasn’t yet proposed to his girlfriend. (Credit: Instagram)

Jennifer Reina and Manuel Lanzini Children  

Jennifer and Lanzini enjoyed the happiness of parentship last month when the Argentinian beauty gave birth to their first child. They haven’t revealed the identity and name of the child yet. Lanzini also has a child from his previous relationship. The West Ham star is raising the child with the help of his girlfriend.

Manuel Lanzini with his girlfriend and oldest son. (Picture was taken from SportMob)
Manuel Lanzini with his girlfriend and oldest son. (Picture was taken from SportMob)

Jennifer Reina Social media 

Jennifer has an extensive reach on Instagram. She mostly shares pictures of herself with her child and partner. She likes travelling to new places and continuously updates her profile with alluring images. 208k followers on Instagram have shown interest in her content, and the fanbase is constantly growing.  

FAQs about Jennifer Reina

When did Jennifer Reina and Manuel Lanzini get married?
They are yet to get married. 
What is Jennifer Reina doing now?
She is a Make-Up Artist, Photographer and Fashion Producer. 
How old is Jennifer Reina?
She is 29 years old. 
Nationality of Jennifer Reina?
She is an Argentinian. 
What is Jennifer Reina’s net worth?
Her net worth is unknown.  

Written by Surajit Das

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