Life Outside of Football: How Rich Footballers Meet Girls

It’s easy to forget that even the most famous people can have trouble meeting the right partners. That’s even more common among footballers who have busy schedules and strict regimes. With little free time, they have to use proven methods for getting dates. After all, they need to live outside of football to be great on the pitch. We’ll look into common ways for footballers to meet girls. The first one might surprise you.

Online Platforms for Millionaire

Rich people use dating sites too, footballers probably more than anyone else. Many of them are young and single. And rich footballers aren’t rare. Even in less famous leagues, they get paid way above the country’s average. That gives everyone the right to dream about dating a successful footballer. Some players are on mainstream dating apps, while others join exclusive platforms. It’s well known that the elite has a special class of online dating platforms just for them. Regular people can’t get there. Such apps are there to connect rich people with rich people.

However, some dating sites for millionaires aren’t exclusive. You don’t have to have a net worth of $10 million or an invitation from someone inside. Anyone can join any of the from the review and be among wealthy people. Millionaires register on those sites because they want to meet regular people, meaning everyone has a chance. It’s hard to tell how popular those sites are among rich footballers, but they are used worldwide, so there must be some ball wizards who use them. That’s still the best way for an ordinary girl to pick up a pro athlete.

Yacht Parties

Dating sites are gaining popularity among rich footballers, but they still meet most of their girls differently. At least if we’re talking about really successful players. They get invited to (or organize) parties full of beautiful girls. None of them usually knows girls, but seducing them is hardly a problem, especially if it’s a yacht party. Being at sea with other girls and rich players helps to relax, so everyone has a good time. That’s our assumption. It’s not like we’ve been to such parties.

Yacht parties are usually a sort of team building, so most guys don’t stay with girls they meet there. Cruises can last for a week or more if footballers are off-season. That gives those lucky girls a chance to meet them better and maybe start a relationship. It’s not like that would be the first such relationship in the football world. Also, not every yacht party is full of unknown attractive girls and rich guys. Some are like regular parties for rich people but on expensive boats. It’s not impossible to get to one of those (at least in your town if there are any), but you have to have the right friends. In other words, pray for finding a wealthy, successful friend who’ll get invited and take you as +1.

Expensive Country Clubs

Rich people hang out with rich people, so it’s not surprising that footballers usually start relationships with girls they meet in exclusive clubs or events. Being invited to such an event shows famous players that a girl is wealthy, successful, or both. You have to be important to be there, so footballers click with girls sooner than they would if they meet them somewhere random. Wealthy people often have trust issues when it comes to meeting new partners. They can’t stop wondering if someone is with them just because of the money and fame. Of course, when they know, they know; love is powerful. Yet, rich players are more likely to find love at events at expensive country clubs than in regular bars.

Why? Trust. It’s easier to believe someone likes them for who they are when the other side also has money, fame, and influence. It doesn’t always mean they’re at the same level, but still helps to build trust. And probably opens more conversation topics if they share similar lifestyles. That’s even more valid for the following events because country clubs are for the rich, not necessarily famous. It wouldn’t be worth mentioning, but some famous footballers date exclusively famous women.

At Star-studded Banquets

When many famous people gather in the same spot to relax and have fun, it’s normal that some of them flirt or hook up with someone there. Sometimes it all stays on exchanging a couple of flirty sentences. Then the paparazzi spotted a famous model with a football star two days after. No one can say how many hookups between famous footballers and other celebrities happen because most stay secret. Yet relationships, even marriages, between footballers and girls they meet at star-studded events are common.

Written by Balachandran B

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