Football Stars Who Have Hooked up With Their Fans

Football stars are still human, and they can’t resist hooking up with hot girls who throw themselves at them. At least some of them. Not every footballer is a notorious womanizer. Some marry their high school sweethearts. And there’s the other kind, those who love using their fame to sleep with the hottest girls they meet. We’ll make a list of football stars who hooked up with fans. But first, let’s answer one seemingly simple question.

Why do Footballers Date the Hottest Girls

The shortest answer would be that footballers date only the hottest girls because they can. Most men would do the same in their position, so it’s pointless to waste too many words. Yet, it’s good to understand that not every relationship between a player and a hot girl is based only on love or sex. Some players love to date dreamy women to show everyone how successful they are. A dude working in a sawmill in the middle of a forest somewhere in Poland can’t date Irina Shayk. But do you know who can and did? Of course, you do, Cristiano Ronaldo. And you know that because such relationships are often used to boost the marketing power and influence of everyone involved. While they were together, Cristiano and Irina were a hot topic. That helped both of their brands. But not all players are CR7, nor are all hot girls Irina Shayk. Many footballers don’t mind dating unknown girls as long as they look like they cause heart attacks everywhere they go.

Even though footballers will never admit using the specialized site for tonight’s hookup, some probably use it to find hot local girls after away games. It’s easy to filter girls based on location, and they get online to meet men for casual dates. Spotting a famous footballer there is like winning a jackpot for those girls. The power of social media and dating sites helps unknown hot girls to reach footballers. Yet only the luckiest actually start dating famous players.

Antonio Cassano

Antonio Cassano is a retired Italian footballer who played for Roma, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Inter, and other less famous clubs. He played in 39 games for the senior national team of Italy and scored 10 goals. He was considered one of the prospects of his time, but couldn’t handle the fame, so he never made the career he could. At least not on the football field.

In other fields, Antionio Cassano achieved everything. He shared that he slept with 700 girls in his book “I’ll tell you everything”. Many of those girls were fans, and almost all were hookups. He was notorious for enjoying parties, women, and food too much. The same as the next guy on our list.


Another player who got criticized at the end of his career got there for the same reason as Cassano. The difference is (without any disrespect to Cassano’s career) that Ronaldo managed to get to the top in the process. The Brazilian wizard won Word Cub with his national team. He played for PSV, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and AC Milan. He’ll forever be remembered as one of the best forwards in the game.

And he’ll always be remembered as the guy who loved to party. Hooking up with random girls at such parties is normal. And he was rarely alone. That whole generation of the Brazilian national team obviously knew how to have fun.

Roberto Carlos

We picked Roberto Carlos for this list, but Ronaldinho, Adriano, or Ronaldinho could’ve made it without a doubt. Still, Roberto Carlos won the spot because he had powerful sperm, not only one of the most powerful shots in football history. He has 8 children with 6 different women. God knows how many fans went through his bed.

Don’t forget that he had a brilliant career with the national team and clubs. He won 3 Champions Leagues with Real Madrid and World Cup with Brazil.


Another Brazilian on the list of footballers who love to sleep with random fans is Garrincha. He dealt with alcoholism since his teenage years, but that didn’t prevent him from winning the world cup with Brazil two times. He was famous for sleeping around and has 14 children as living proof of his lifestyle off the field.

Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio

Unlike other players on this list, Sergio Ramos married his fan. Spanish TV reporter Pilar Rubio was a big Ramos fan. The relationship probably started as something casual and then evolved into one of the most famous love stories in football. They have 4 children together.

Sergio Ramos won 4 LA Leagues and 4 Champions Leagues with Real Madrid. And the Euro and World Cup with Spain. He’s now playing for Paris Saint-Germain.

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