Lara Wechsler – Gonzalo Higuaín Wife, her Family and more 

Lara Wechsler is famous for being the wife of Argentinian forward Gonzalo Higuaín. Read on to learn more about her nationality, net worth, facts and family.

Lara is a conscientious and devoted person in all facets of her life. She doesn’t let her WAG status stand in the way of her goals, which enables her to carve out a personal brand apart from the player. She thinks that instead of depending on others to succeed, everyone should try to build a name for themselves in this world.

Gonzalo Higuain, a humble yet incredibly talented football player, has won a lot of praise. His captivating playing style is captivating, and he maintains his form the entire time. This piece discusses his supposed spouse, Lara Wechsler, who seems to be equally well-known as him. Prepare to learn a lot about this beauty; fasten your seatbelt.                                                                                                 

Lara Wechsler Facts & Wiki

BirthdayDecember 10th, 1987
Place of BirthBrest, France
NationalityFrench and Argentinian 
Partner Gonzalo Higuaín
JobModel and Actress
Sister / BrotherN.A
Father & MotherN.A
Hair ColourBlonde 
Eye ColourBrown  
Net Worth (approx.)N.A

Lara Wechsler Childhood and Family 

On December 10th, 1987, Lara was born in Brest, France, making her French, but she also has Argentinian roots. Despite having online fame and appearing in the spotlight several times, she hasn’t shared much about her family. We believe she doesn’t want to attract attention to her family members and disrupt their privacy.

 (Image: FACEBOOK)

We don’t know anything about her father and mother and their jobs for similar reasons. We are also unsure whether she has any siblings. We are on the lookout for more information and will update the article if we find new data. Stay tuned to know more about the stunning girlfriend of Gonzalo Higuaín.   

Lara Wechsler Education

Lara went to a local high school in her hometown. She was one of the most ambitious students in her class. As she was passionate about modelling from an early age, she figured she decided to give her all to make her dream a reality. So, she moved to Paris, France After completing high school graduation.                                       

Lara Wechsler Career 

Lara is a professional model and actress. Due to her alluring looks and charming personality, she has earned many projects to work with famous fashion houses. Her extensive reach has also helped her get offers from big brands. She has promoted products while working with big clothing and jewellery brands.  

Additionally, Lara never uses her WAG reputation to become more well-known, not even as a model. Such fame is rewarded in the modelling and acting industries, but Lara solely makes money from her abilities and beauty. It is commendable because most people need some level of notoriety to advance in the fashion industry.

Gonzalo Higuain's wife: Lara Wechsler is an actress, model and designer. (Credit: Facebook)
Gonzalo Higuain’s wife: Lara Wechsler is an actress, model and designer. (Credit: Facebook)

She is the perfect role model for young people because of her independent nature and composed manner. She puts a lot of effort into developing her career but never makes it public. She doesn’t flaunt her fortune despite being the WAG of one of the highest-paid football players.

Lara Wechsler Net Worth 

Lara’s net worth is very huge which mostly comes from her successful modelling and acting career. Her significant income can shock many people. But, people don’t know about her because she has made massive sacrifices to get to the position she is in today.                                       

Lara Wechsler and Gonzalo Higuaín relationship

She stood by her husband and supported him in every step of his career. The couple reportedly wed in December 2017 and welcomed a daughter named Alma in the spring of the same year. With the arrival of their child, their relationship has grown even stronger. Even though Gonzalo and Lara split up in 2016, they started dating again in 2017.    

They initially met in 2016. The Spaniard was playing for Barcelona at that time, and he was already a superstar. Lara was convinced that her partner was special and wanted to take things forward. After the duo started going on dates, they found out they were madly in love.

Gonzalo Higuaín met his wife in 2016. (Credit: Splash News)
Gonzalo Higuaín met his wife in 2016. (Credit: Splash News)

Lara Wechsler and Gonzalo Higuaín Children  

The duo welcomed their first child, a beautiful daughter, Alma in 2017. The duo now spends their quality time with the child and they are doing everything possible to ensure a comfortable upbringing for their newborn.   

Gonzalo Higuaín with his wife and daughter. (Credit: Splash News)
Gonzalo Higuaín with his wife and daughter. (Credit: Splash News)

Lara Wechsler Social media 

Lara is not the kind of woman who likes to post pictures of her private life on a public platform. Rather she prefers a calm and peaceful life without excessive media attention. We couldn’t find any accounts of her on major social media platforms. Higuaín respects his wife’s stance regarding social media and doesn’t post a lot of images on his own account either.  

FAQs about Lara Wechsler

When did Lara Wechsler and Gonzalo Higuaín get married?
The duo got married in December 2017. 
What is Lara Wechsler doing now?
She is a model and actress.  
How old is Lara Wechsler?
She is 35 years old. 
Nationality of Lara Wechsler?
She is French. 
What is Lara Wechsler’s net worth?
Her net worth is unknown.  

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