Camille Tytgat – Rafael Varane wife, Net Worth, family, kids and career

Camille Tytgat is best known as the wife of Raphael Varane and here is all about her net worth and more

Raphael Varane is all but set to join Manchester United. The Frenchman will leave Real Madrid to join the the Red Devils and is set to become the club’s second summer signing after Jadon Sancho.

Any football fanatic would be aware of Varane’s achievement. However, not many know about his wife who is a lawyer.

Raphael Varane with his wife Camille Tytgat
Raphael Varane and Camille Tytgat at FIFA Awards (via Mirror)

Lets us get to know few things about Raphael Varane’s wife, Camille Tytgat.

Camille Tytgat: Raphael Varane wife

Camille Tytgat is the wife of French footballer Raphael Varane. One might think that she met him after all the fame. However, Tytgat and Varane have been together since high school.

She is regularly seen in the stands supporting Varane
Camille Tytgat (via AFP/Getty Images)

Like Varane, Camille Tytgat grew up in Lille. The relationship reportedly started from 2010. The pair met at their high school. It has been intact ever since regardless of highs or lows. Tygat has been very supportive of Varane. She has followed him everywhere from Lens to Madrid. Now, she is set to follow him to Manchester, England.

She is a regular feature during Raphael Varane’s France games.

However, she has a low public profile. Tygat has just over 1k followers on Instagram. The handle mentioned might be run by a fan rather than the person herself. It regularly posts about Varane and her family.

Camille Tytgat career

Camille Tytgat is educated in the field of Law. She graduated before settling down with Varane. However, due to her private nature it is unknown whether she is currently practising Law or not.

Camille Tytgat and Raphael Varane marriage

The couple got hitched in 2015. The ceremony was at chic seaside resort of Le Touquet. The place is a seaside resort on the British Channel. It close to their native place – Lille

Camille Tytgat and Raphael Varane children

The clan has 4 members. Along with Raphael Varane and Camilla Tytgat there are 2 children.

Varane regularly shares updates with his family
Raphael Varane’s family (via Raphael Varane Instagram)

The couple are blessed with a boy named Ruben and a daughter named Anais. The birthdate of Ruben is unknown. However, Anais was born in October 2020.

Both children are often seen on Varane’s Instagram page.

On Raphael Varane

The player is one of the top names in world football. He has established himself as one of the best centre-backs in the world. Varane was a prominent player in the Real Madrid squad which won three Champions League consecutively. However, he has had his tough moments.

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In 2018, he became the world champion with France. Varane lifted the prestigious FIFA World Cup with his nation. So far, he has 21 major titles in his football career.

Raphael Varane for Real Madrid. However, he will soon be seen in the famous red jersey
Raphael Varane for Real Madrid. However, he will soon be seen in the famous red jersey

He will now end his memorable stay at Los Blancos. Varane is set to join Manchester United.

Written by Kashyap Saraiya

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