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Top technologies that revolutionized the gambling arena

Technologies That Changed Online Gambling

The constant growth of technology has impacted the lives of people in various ways in the past few decades. The advent of the Internet in the 90s has opened up a doorway for welcoming numerous features of technological advancement, modifying every possible thing we are previously acquainted with. It is especially the past two decades that has witnessed a major shaking up of the gambling industry as the foundation shifted from land-based casinos to the massive success of online casinos. 

The year 2021 has experienced massive growth in online gambling features like the current evaluation stands at $70.02 Billion! The lingering effects are expected to bring in further innovations. This article revolves around the impact created by future technologies in the world of online gambling. 

Mobile Technology 

Modern-day punters are more inclined towards placing their bets on the go, and hence studies have found in current years, the use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has taken over the use of laptops and desktops while gambling. This created a major need for bringing innovation to the already existing mobile games. Matching the quality of the games that are available on mobile (for both android and iOS platforms) with the same that is available on desktop is the current requirement.

Moreover, the availability of sign-up bonuses, no-registration bonus, deposit bonus, etc., offered on mobile gambling websites, paved the way towards the improvement of mobile gaming technology. Slots, such as , are amongst the most popular games played over mobile. Fixed and multi-line slots, themes and classic variants, progressive jackpots, free spins, and multipliers are some of the key attractions in slots. 

Live Dealer Games 

Resembling virtual reality technology, these live dealer games are immensely responsible for shaping the way people view table games at brick and mortar casinos. Live dealer games are now being accented widely all around the globe for enhancing the casino experience of punters. Through this technology, punters can have a taste of life table games without even having to be physically present at any casino establishment. They can have the same experience socializing with a live dealer from the comfort of their home. Just with the availability of the Internet, people can bring home the collective experience of a poker room. The current market has a high demand for live dealer games as it is highly compatible with the lifestyle of the contemporary generation. 

Artificial Intelligence 

The utility of AI across every field possible is on the rise, including the use of chatbots and other inquiry services that are entirely managed by AI technologies. It is not only designed for smooth operation but also fault-free customer interface. The use of artificial intelligence in the field of casinos turns online dealings into more human-like. It would further make services more cost-effective and better service providing. 

CryptoCurrency Гsage 

The advent of cryptocurrency brought changes to the entire payment scenario of online gambling. A huge crowd has been secured by the online gambling industry after the operators started accepting cryptocurrency as a valid method of transaction. This helped a new feature to grow in the world of online casinos, that is, no deposit online casinos.

The usage of cryptocurrencies has proven itself to be one of the safest options of the transaction also by hindering underage gambling. It enables customers to stay anonymous yet carry out the transactions at any crypto casino. It can be easily predicted that the future of online casino transactions is the blockchain method. This enables the operators to keep a record of the customer behaviour to curate exclusive promotions as well as integrating other safety measures for the punters.

The most widely used cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, and so on. 

Countries with Cryptocurrency Popularity


Cloud Gaming 

Cloud computing has transformed the way people have traditionally viewed technology. With the usage of cloud computing, it is now possible to incorporate several improved graphics, which has opened up ways of expanding the storage, providing a better experience to punters. Hence, it is now possible to store bulky files, which is an indispensable by-product of high-tech gaming.

Here is a list of the most popular cloud gaming platforms at the moment:

  • PlayStation Now
  • Shadow
  • Project xCloud
  • Ge Force
  • Vortex Now

Big Data 

As we know, in current times, the world runs on the power of data which is nothing less than a virtual fuel. Data gathered from the activities of a certain user can track down the psychological aspects on which the user operates in general. Through data, a personalized experience can be designed for every individual who is sure it’s the best and the most immersive experience a user can expect.

Online casinos can power their services using data as their tool to provide a tailor-made experience that will not only keep people hooked but increase the appeal of the particular operator.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality 

It has been a few years since the virtual reality concept has taken over the world and especially that of online gaming, setting a whole new standard for the online gambling industry. The journey of casinos started in the 18th century, which led the business to enter the current casino arena in the 21st century, which only requires a tap on the mobile screen.

This technology enables the engineering of the best quality experience as players are able to see their fellow players looking around. For a premium experience on online casinos, indulging in virtual reality is a must for future players. 

Like smartphones, Virtual reality headsets and glasses are essential to replicate the feel of a regular casino using virtual reality technology. 

Future Prospects: Smartwatch Technology 

Just like VR headsets and VR glasses, it is another tool that serves the purpose of on-the-go mobile gambling, making it even easier and more approachable. It is ideal for youngsters as they are more inclined towards smartwatches.

For now, smartwatches are only used for receiving notifications when linked with their smartphones, but the future technology is surely aiming towards modifying smartwatches into an efficient tool for supporting online casino games. Just like the smartphone these days, smartwatches will be accessible to the population of every developing country in upcoming years, and hence there are excellent prospects of development using smartwatches as a tool. 


All these technological advancements can add to the all-over experience of a user allowing only the betterment of services keeping in mind the individual values of customers. With time, technology delves into a state that brings practical innovations to play. It is a fascinating journey for contemporary punters to experience the rapid transformations that the industry is undergoing as a result of several major inventions.