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AC Milan Player Wages 2022: Weekly salaries, contract details, and agents

AC Milan are one of the most successful clubs in Italian Football. Here we bring you all the latest player wages and weekly salaries from AC Milan. 

The Devils are one of the veteran clubs in the World and come in the top 20 most valuable teams. Moreover, they are one of the highest paying football teams in Serie A, and a number of its players are on lucrative contracts in Serie A. Here we tell you about the players’ wages, weekly salaries and contract details of AC Milan.

Current AC Milan Players Wages and Contracts 2022

AC Milan are the third most successful club in Italian Football. They have won 18 league titles, Coppa Italia five times and the Supercoppa Italiana seven times. In addition, the club has won seven UEFA Champions League titles, the UEFA Super Cup a joint-record five times. AC Milan is among the wealthiest clubs in Italian football and the World.

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The club was founded as Milan Foot-Ball and Cricket Club in 1899 by English expatriates Alfred Edwards and Herbert Kilpin. AC Milan won its first Italian Championship in 1901. On 13 April 2017, Milan became a subsidiary of Rossoneri Sport Investment Luxembourg, which acquired 99.92973% shares of AC Milan S.p.A. from Fininvest. They are one of the most valuable teams in the World with a revenue estimation of € 190 million (approx)

AC Milan’s highest-paid player 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the highest-paid player for AC Milan, with a yearly salary of £ 9,100,000 and a weekly wage of £175,000. He is described as one of the greatest strikers of all time and one of the most decorated footballers in active football.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: AC Milan striker says he is a 'little scared to stop  playing' football and wants to stay at club 'for life' | Football News |  Sky Sports
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the highest-paid player for AC Milan (Sky Sports)

On 27 December 2019, Ibrahimović returned to AC Milan on a free transfer on a six-month contract until the end of the season with an option to extend the contract. He scored his first goal for the club against Cagliari.

AC Milan Player Wages 2022 and contracts- Complete list

Player NamePositionAgeContract ExpiryAnnual SalaryWeekly WagesAgent
Zlatan IbrahimovicST392022£ 91,00,000£ 1,75,000Mino Raiola
Brahim DíazAM RLC212023£ 55,64,000£ 1,07,000Sports&Life
Alessio RomagnoliD C262022£ 55,12,000£ 1,06,000Mino Raiola
Alessandro FlorenziD/WB/AM R302022£ 48,88,000£ 94,000Alessandro Lucci – WSA
Tiémoué BakayokoDM262023£ 48,36,000£ 93,000Niagara Sports Company
Ante RebićAM L, ST272,025£ 46,80,000£ 90,000LIAN Sports Group
Olivier GiroudST342023£ 44,72,000£ 86,000BM FOOT
Franck KessiéDM242022£ 35,88,000£ 69,000Ambition Group
Mike MaignanGK262026£ 35,88,000£ 69,000ESN
Davide CalabriaD/WB RL242025£ 32,76,000£ 63,000YOU FIRST SPORT
Fikayo TomoriDC232,025£ 27,04,000£ 52,000
Ismaël BennacerDM232024£ 24,44,000£ 47,000no agent
Samu CastillejoAM RLC262023£ 22,88,000£ 44,000ICM Stellar Sports
Sandro TonaliDM212026£ 18,20,000£ 35,000Gr Sports
Theo HernándezD/WB/M L232026£ 17,68,000£ 34,000Manuel García Quilón
Rafael LeãoAM LC, F C222024£ 17,16,000£ 33,000Gestifute
Rade KrunićAM C272024£ 16,12,000£ 31,000
Antonio MiranteGK382022£ 15,60,000£ 30,000GG11 s.r.l.
Alexis SaelemaekersWB/AM R222026£ 14,56,000£ 28,000A.S. Management
Simon KjærD C322024£ 14,56,000£ 28,000Beckster Int.
Ciprian TătăruşanuGK352023£ 14,56,000£ 28,000Pietro Chiodi Soccer M.
Fodé Ballo-TouréD/WB/M L242025£ 14,04,000£ 27,000Relatives
Matteo GabbiaD C212026£ 8,84,000£ 17,000Manuel García Quilón
Pierre KaluluD RC212025£ 7,28,000£ 14,000Universal Sports Group
Alessandro PlizzariGK212023£ 4,94,000£ 9,500TMP SOCCER srl
Daniel MaldiniAM RLC192024£ 4,88,800£ 9,400Gr Sports
Junior MessiasAM RC, F C302024£ 1,61,200£ 3,100GG11 s.r.l.
Lenny BorgesD/WB R202023£ 50,440£ 970MK Sport Consulting

AC Milan loaned out players’ wages and contracts in 2022

Player NamePositionAgeContract ExpiryAnnual SalaryWeekly WagesAgent
Alessandro PlizzariGK212023£ 4,94,000£ 9,500TMP SOCCER Srl
Tommaso PobegaCentral Midfield222025£ 3,95,200£ 7,600Patrick Bastianelli
Yacine AdliAttacking Midfield212026
Jens Petter HaugeRight Winger222025£ 13,00,000£ 25,000Emefie Aneke Atta
Mattia CaldaraCentre-Back272023Gr Sports
Lorenzo ColomboCentre-Forward202024Gr Sports
Léo DuarteCentre-Back252024£ 13,00,000£ 25,000Magnitude Sports & Entertainment Group
Frank TsadjoutCentre-Forward222023Patrick Bastianelli
Nikolaos MichelisCentre-Back21SPORTS CONNECTION
Marco BrescianiniCentral Midfield222024Gr Sports
Gabriele BellodiCentre-Back212023FOOTBALL STARS AGENCY
Leroy AbandaLeft-Back212023Concept Sport Agency
Marco FrigerioCentral Midfield202023
Gabriele CapanniLeft Winger212024
Riccardo ToninCentre-Forward212023P&P Sport Management S.A.M.
Luan CapanniCentre-Forward212023
Antonio MionicCentral Midfield202023Starbridge Srl
Sabino SignorileRight Winger20Gio’sport
Alessandro SalaCentral Midfield20

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions about    AC Milan 

Below are some of the common questions fans have regarding some of AC Milan’s main players.

  1. Who is the highest-paid player at AC Milan?

As of 2022, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the highest-paid player at Juventus with a weekly wage of £175,000.

2. What is the total team value of AC Milan?

The total team value of AC Milan is around €192.5 million

3. How much does AC Milan spend on total annual wages?

AC Milan are spending close to £79 million every single season on player wages.

4. Who is the all-time top scorer for AC Milan in their history?

Gunnar Nordahl is the all-time top goalscorer with 221 goals.

Gunnar Nordahl - Player profile | Transfermarkt
Gunnar Nordahl is the all-time top goalscorer for AC Milan (Transfermarkt)

5. How much does Stefano Pioli earn in a year?

Stefano Pioli has a €2 million a year contract at Juventus.

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