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Top 20 sexiest female fans from the 2022 world cup

There were many beautiful memories caught on camera during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar including some stunning female fans who came all the way from the countries to support their team in the World cup and in this article let us see the Top 20 sexiest female fans from the 2022 world cup.

1. Ivana Knoll

Ivana is a stunning woman who has been spotted in the crowd supporting Croatia. She was spotted with her attractive long black hair and in a dress which looked like the Croatian national flag.

Credits: @knolldoll Instagram

2. Veronica Weffer

Veronica born in Venezuela has been spotted in Qatar watching football matches. She has posted recently about her experiences in the World Cup. She looks stunning and maintains a great body by working out in the gym.

Credits: @veronicaweffer Instagram

3. Moroccan fan

This stunning Moroccan fan was caught on camera and was spotted in a few matches in the stadiums of Qatar. The good-looking woman who has taken so much effort to reach Qatar to see matches in her country has caught the attention of many fans.

4. Polish fan

This stunning Polish fan was spotted in the crowd cheering for her country.

5. Unknown Portuguese fan

The hot Portuguese fan was spotted with the Country’s flag in the match against Ghana in the 2022 World Cup.

6. Unknown Spain Fan

An unknown hot lady wearing a shirt from FC Barcelona with the famous youngster Gavi’s name on the shirt was spotted cheering for Spain against Germany in the World Cup.

7. Spain fan

Spain was an underperforming team at the World Cup and this stunning must be sad as well after their exit against Morocco after the penalty shootout.

Gisele has been spotted again in the 2022 World Cup supporting Brazil. She was present in the matches of Brazil in the 2014 World Cup and looks like she is a crazy brazil fan. The 42-year-old hot woman shows her love towards the team and has even posted them on her social media.

8. Unknown Croatian fan

Croatian stunning and hot fan was spotted in a hot outfit holding Croatia’s flag during the match.

9. María Fernanda

The young Mexican football fan has been spotted in the World Cup. She has a lovely face and has maintained a good physique too.

10. Indian fan supporting Canada

An Indian who was spotted by the Camera was supporting Canada in the 2022 World Cup. She caught the attention of Indian fans with her beauty.

11. Unkown Moroccan Fan

Morocco has surprised the entire footballing fanbase as they topped the group and even defeated many big teams to reach the semis. Not only the team but also this fan of the country has caught the attention of the people.

12. Melisia Artista

Artista has caught many football fans’ eyes as she appeared for most of Argentina’s matches. The hot lady has always been a great fan of Messi and Argentina.

13. Alaw Haf

Alaw is a hot Welsh model who is a great supporter of the country’s football team. She has definitely caught the attention of man football fans during this world cup.

14. Belgian Fan

The exit of Belgium from the World Cup 2022 was a bit of sadful ending and also this fan must be not happy to see her team fail against Morocco.

15. Yanet Garcia

Mexican beauty Yanet has been spotted in the 2022 World Cup supporting Mexico. She is a popular model who has around 15 million followers on social media and also has an onlyfans account where she posts private pictures of her body.

16. Tunisian fan

Tunisia had huge support for the 2022 World Cup and that includes this hot fan who supported the team from the stance.

17. Amber Paige 

Amber is a fan-favourite English model who supported England in the 2022 World Cup. She is one of the hottest women in the tournament and definitely caught the attention of youngsters.

18. Rachel Stuhlmann

The hot USA former tennis player who turned into an influencer has shown her support for the country by posting pics on her social media. She is 26 and maintains great shape by working out.

Credits: @rstuhlmann Instagram

19. Daiane Tomazoni

Daiane the popular adult industry woman has been a great supporter of Brazil. She is very active on her social media accounts and also on onlyfans.

20. Milu Barbiie & Noemi Gomez

The two hot Argentinian supporters supported the team in the finals against France in the 2022 World Cup. After the final whistle, both of them went topless in the stadium and have been a sensation and certainly, the other Argentian fan liked what he saw.

Credits: @noe.dreams1 Instagram

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