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Top 10 West Ham Players of All Time

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Here is a list of Top 10 West Ham Players of All Time. (Credit: BBC)

West Ham United have given fans immense joy by playing enjoyable football and here we learn about the top 10 West Ham players of all time. 

10. Billy Bonds

Billy Bonds (Credit: standard.co.uk)

If you’re going to put together a list like this, you should start with a bang. What better way to get things started than by mentioning the best West Ham player of all time. They don’t come much better than Billy, who has 21 years of playing experience, 799 appearances, four years as a manager, and a stand at the London Stadium dedicated after him.

9. Frank Lampard(Senior)

Frank Lampard(Senior) Credit: West Ham United

Given that Lampard was born just down the road in East Ham on September 20, 1948, there was only one club where he could have made his impact. He joined the Hammers’ academy and made his debut against Manchester City when he was 19 years old. As they say, the rest is history. Frank Lampard senior was a left-back with West Ham United for the majority of his career.

He was twice a member of the England national team and is the father of former Chelsea player Frank Lampard. He departed the club on a free transfer at the end of the 1984–85 season after 18 years with the club, 660 games played, and 22 goals scored. He had already established himself as one of West Ham United’s finest players.

8. Paolo Di Canio

Paolo Di Canio (Credit: planetfootball.com)
Paolo Di Canio (Credit: planetfootball.com)

Di Canio would give his best whenever he put on a West Ham shirt, or any other club shirt for that matter. His explosive but fun-loving nature is undoubtedly the reason he is usually considered one of West Ham’s best players. He only stayed at Upton Park for a brief period compared to the others on this list, but he still has a place in West Ham history.

Di Canio is West Ham’s modern icon, emulating the flair and talent that has characterised the Premier League and international acquisitions in the current era of football.

His talent was apparent, as seen by his appearances for footballing heavyweights like Lazio, Juventus, and AC Milan. Di Canio’s time at West Ham was a big success; the passion and emotion he gave to the squad instantly made him a fan favourite, and he seemed to fall in love with the supporters just as fast.

7. Julian Dicks

Julian Dicks (Credit: SkySports)

Few players since Roberto Carlos have coupled the merciless, tough-tackling style that spectators love to witness with an obviously nasty left-foot. His tough-guy image frequently overshadowed the fact that he was a fantastic footballer who scored 50 goals for West Ham.

Dicks could go down the left flank as threateningly as Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale does now, and if he was allowed enough space on the outskirts of the box, he would not be hesitant to unleash a thundering drive at goal. Between 1990 and 1997, he was named West Ham’s player of the year four times.

It’s also disputed if West Ham has ever had a better penalty taker than Dicks, whose thunderous shot was virtually reproduced from 12 yards, making him the finest left-back the club has ever had. He is largely considered as one of West Ham United’s finest footballers of all time.

6. Sir Trevor Brooking

Sir Trevor Brooking (Credit: Allsport UK /Allsport)

Winning has never been a strong suit for West Ham, but with Sir Trev on board, everything looked conceivable.

Brooking, one of England’s best offensive midfielders – at least of his period – exuded class and played a key part in helping a then-Second Division Hammers beat Arsenal in the 1980 FA Cup final despite the odds.

West Ham are yet to unearth another player as gifted as he was 40 years after that incredible achievement.

5. Alvin Martin

Alvin Martin (Credit: whoateallthepies.tv)

Alvin began his career as a child with Merseyside team Everton, but quit in 1973 after the Goodison Park club only gave him a part-time apprenticeship, claiming that he “would never kick a ball for them again.” Following an unsuccessful trial with Queens Park Rangers later that summer, he was offered a contract with West Ham United the next day.

Alvin went on to make 586 first-team appearances for the Hammers during a remarkable 19-year career at Upton Park, where he was one of just two players to get two testimonies, along with Billy Bonds. Martin also scored a hat-trick in Newcastle’s 8-1 victory.

4. Vic Watson

Vic Watson (Credit: West Ham United)

Watson has 326 goals for the club, including 298 league goals and 28 FA Cup goals. From 295 games in the Premier League, he scored 203 goals. He scored six goals in an 8-2 home win over Leeds on February 9, 1929, four goals on three occasions, and 13 hat-tricks throughout his time at West Ham.

Sir Geoff Hurst, with 249 goals, is the only player who has come close to Watson’s record. Vic Watson led West Ham to the FA Cup final in 1923, but the Hammers were defeated 2-0 by Bolton in the first-ever game at Wembley Stadium.

Watson joined West Ham from Wellingborough Town in 1920 for a price of only £50. Watson’s name will go down in West Ham United legend.

3. Alan Devonshire

Alan Devonshire (Credit: Action Images)

Alan Devonshire, better known as ‘Dev’ to West Ham supporters, might have been one of the best England wingers of the 1980s if it hadn’t been for a series of major injuries.

He was not simply a quick, deft player, but he was also a people’s player who genuinely understood what it meant to play for West Ham, immersing himself in the home crowd by taking the London Underground to games.

Devonshire is still largely considered West Ham’s finest ever buy, because of his positive attitude and hardworking values. It’s difficult to disagree with a price tag of £5,000 on something like this.

2. Phil Parkes

Phil Parkes (Credit: Twitter)

Phil Parkes was one of the best goalkeepers in the world in the late 1970s and early 1980s, with one of the best moustaches you’ll ever see. In 1979, West Ham paid £565,000 for his services, making him the most expensive goalie in the world.

It was a decision the Hammers would not be sorry for, as he went on to become a legendary goalkeeper. Despite his outstanding performances at the club level, he only made one appearance for England.

1. Geoff Hurst

Geoff Hurst (Credit: West Ham United)

Geoff may be most known to football fans around the world for his role in England’s 1966 World Cup-winning team, but he is much more to West Ham fans. He scored 249 goals for West Ham United, making him one of the finest players in the club’s history.

Three-time Hammer of the Year, he was instrumental in West Ham’s first-ever FA Cup triumph in 1964. Sir Geoff Hurst was included in the ‘The Champions’ statue outside the Boleyn pub at Upton Park in 2003, with West Ham and England icons Bobby Moore and Martin Peters.

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In 1968, he was chosen to the UEFA Euro Team of the Tournament, and in 2004, he was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame.