Top 10 fastest goals in International Football

Fastest Goals in International Football

There are some remarkable goals, long-range goals but let’s look at some of the fastest goals scored within seconds of kick-off Football World has seen some of the best goals in international football. But some goals come even before the fans have settled in. Here’s a list of the top 10 fastest goals scored in … Read more

(PHOTO) Podolski’s Hilarious Joke With Walcott

Arsenal star Lukas Podolski cracked a hilarious joke (PJ) with fellow teammate Theo Walcott. The German international shared the joke in his instagram. Podolski posted, “Theo said to me, ‘Lukas, what happens if the pitch gets flooded with rain?’ I said, ‘the teams bring on the subs!’  #Poldi #Theo #Aha #AFC #Fun #Smile #EnjoyLife #Redarmy” … Read more

BREAKING: Arsenal Forward Clears Exit Doubts In Style

Many internet reports reported that Lukas Podolski may leave Arsenal after getting frustrated with Wenger for benching him on regular basis. According to the latest of these rumors, Arsenal’s closest rivals Tottenham are planning a January move to sign Podolski. When BBC sport tweeted one such rumor, Podolski replied with an epic tweet of his own, ruling … Read more

(PICTURE) Lukas Podolski Held Talks With FC Cologne

Arsenal star Lukas Podolski held a meeting with his old club FC Cologne’s management. Even though the German star did not reveal the exact purpose of the meeting, he confirmed that it was not about any contract negotiations. Podolski posted on his Facebook, “Visited my old club FC Cologne today, great meeting with the management – Just to … Read more

(PICTURE) Lukas Podolski With His Cute Son

Arsenal star Lukas Podolski is still enjoying his holiday break after the World Cup. Here is he spending some quality time with his Son, Podolski posted on his Facebook, “Father and son. The most important for me in life. No matter what happens he is forever my No1! Poldi “