Mario Balotelli Wives and Girlfriends

Mario Balotelli has been the subject of controversies throughout his career. But we know little about his personal life and whether the former Manchester City and Liverpool are settled now or not.

He grabbed headlines during his spell at the Etihad and for the Italy international team, especially after the 2012 UEFA European Championships, where his brace against Germany in the semi-final will never be forgotten by football fans of this generation.

Now, here we will dissect more into the love life of Balotelli and the people he has been associated with in the past. So without further ado, let us begin!

Fanny Neguesha

Mario Balotelli's girlfriend Fanny Neguesha waves ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group D match between Italy and Uruguay. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Mario Balotelli’s girlfriend Fanny Neguesha waves ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group D match between Italy and Uruguay. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

Many people are not aware of this but Mario Balotelli has never been married. The closest he has come to marrying is his relationship with Belgian model and actress Fanny Neguesha and the couple got engaged in 2014. However, their relationship did not proceed further than getting engaged and they parted ways amid rumours that Balotelli was seeing another woman.

Raffaella Fico

Raffaella Fico is an Italian musician, actress and model and came into prominence when she left Italy to come to Manchester when the Italian was at Etihad and confronted him regarding seeing another woman while she was pregnant with his kid. Balotelli initially denied it and demanded a paternity test to resolve the issue. What followed was a legal trial between Raffaela Fico and Balotelli. The test report proved that Balotelli was indeed the father of the soon-to-be-born kid.

The name of Mario Balotelli and Raffaella Fico is Pia Balotelli who was born in December 2012 and Balotelli and Fico share joint custody of their daughter.

Veronica Angeloni

After his relationship with Raffaella Fico ended, Balotelli soon got involved with Italian volleyball player Veronica Angeloni. However, there is not much to talk about the relationship as it ended as soon as it began, mainly due to Angeloni’s volleyball team swaying her away from the troublesome Italian. Fair to say, she would be thanking her teammates for the intervention.

Vanessa Lawrens

Vanessa Lawrens is a French model and dated Mario Balotelli during his ongoing legal battle with Raffaela Fico. They made a couple of public appearances however the impact of his legal battle was too much for the relationship to handle and they soon parted ways.

Vanessa Lawrens and Mari Balotelli. (Photo as found on Facebook)

Veronica Graf

Veronica Graf made some major revelations about her time with Mario Balotelli (via Twitter)

Balotelli had a brief stint with Playboy model Veronica Graf and it is claimed that she was already in a relationship with Inter Milan’s Saphir Taider when she and Balotelli were together. The revelations were made by her during her time on Big Brother but the program did not air the claims amidst fear of a defamation suit.

Desiree Busetto

Desiree Busetto was a pageant girl and model and dated Balotelli when he won the Premier League title with Manchester City. Their relationship, just like their career from that point did not take off and soon they were in separate directions.

Carla Howe

Carla Howe. (Image: As found on Daily Mail)

Mario Balotelli started dating Playboy model Carla Howe after his transfer to Liverpool and it is rumoured that she is the cause behind his broken engagement with Fanny Negeusha. The Italian has had some questionable relationships with Playboy models and more often than not, the relationships have made an impact on the concerned person’s personal life.

Jenny Thompson

Jenny Thompson got into the headlines for the Wayne Rooney scandal. (via Mirror)

Jenny Thompson got famous for her scandalous incident with Wayne Rooney however little know that Balotelli had a six-week affair with her. Contrary to popular opinion about the Italian, Jenny Thompson has actually said good things about her short stint with the Italian and surprisingly continued to date him even after finding out he was dating another woman, Raffaella Fico.

Holly Henderson

Mario Balotelli and Wayne Rooney were about to be spoken again, only this time it was because of the fact that he started dating Wayne Rooney’s second cousin Holly Henderson. As has been the case with his past relationships, the Holly Henderson Mario Balotelli affair ended quite early. Henderson mentions that Balotelli’s controlling and possessive nature was one big factor in the pair parting ways.

Eliana Cartella

Eliana Cartella dated Mario Balotelli. Image: elianacartella
Eliana Cartella dated Mario Balotelli. Image: elianacartella

Eliana Cartella was a singer, showgirl and TV host and briefly dated Balotelli in 2012. Post their breakup, Cartella had a lot of bad things to say about the player and claimed that he showed no respect toward women. Such accusations came at a very wrong time for Balotelli who was already under the scope due to his ongoing battle with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Raffaella Fico.

Written by Yuvraj Singh

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