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Manchester United 2016-17 Season Preview: Can Zlatan, Mourinho And Co Win The Title?

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After 3 disappointing seasons, Manchester United fans all over the world are finally more optimistic and excited about the upcoming season. With Jose Mourinho as the new manager and 4 world class signings, they have all the reason in the world to be excited!

A 3-month break and a new squad brings a lot of expectations from the fans this season. Here is what you Red Devil’s should look out for this season.

1. A more attack-minded and aggressive team

With Jose Mourinho as the new manager, we can expect the United style of football to change from the defensive style it took on during Van Gaal into a more attacking and aggressive approach to the game. All the new signings during this transfer window are proof of the attacking form United will be taking from now on.

2. Players to watch out for

With such an interesting transfer window this year, fans can expect goals galore as a result of Ibrahimovic and Pogba and not to forget – good ol’ Rooney.

If Valencia can keep up his brilliant form from the pre-season, he will be an unexpected bonus that massively improves the squad as a whole.

Another player to look out for this season is David De Gea, but everyone already knows they can count on him after he spent 3 seasons saving United over and over again.

3. Young players to keep an eye on

After an exciting debut last season, Rashford seems like the obvious choice for fans to look out for as the star young player of the year. However, do keep a lookout for Jesse Lingard who started off this season well with two goals in Wembley at last weekend’s Community Shield Final.

4. Exciting fixtures

United have an exciting start to the season with the first Manchester Derby only a month away (September 10th, 2016), after which they take on their age-old rivals – Liverpool, away on the 15th of October, 2016.

The months of January and February promise to be crucial with the opportunity to make or break the season for United with a home game against Liverpool in January, and away games with Manchester City and Leicester City in February.

Our predicted rivals this season include Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Leicester City and Arsenal.