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Man City To Lift The Title, Watford To Finish Inside Top 6 – Predicting The Premier League 2017/18 Season

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Predicting The Premier League 2017/18 Season: The Top-6

When the new Premier League season began with the defending champions Chelsea losing to Burnley, it seemed quite obvious that we were all in for a ride this time. Known for being arguably the most competitive league in the world, the English Premier League is all the more unpredictable this time around.

Several small clubs like Burnley, Watford and Newcastle United are giving the bigwigs a run for their money with flawless yet strong performances. While these clubs are improving week in and week out, the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea are struggling majorly. In fact, after gameweek 8, it is surrealistic to see Watford in the fourth place ahead of all three.

With the stakes higher than ever, lets take a look at the clubs that are likely to finish in the top six, by the end of this term.

1. Manchester City

It was quite obvious from the beginning that it’ll be either Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola holding the beautiful trophy when the season ends, but based on performances so far, Manchester City have a stronger chance.

Last season saw City being let down by the defence which has now seen a drastic overhaul. Moreover, unlike Mourinho, Guardiola’s squad play raw, attacking football against big sides which deliver results, and don’t rely on deeply-defensive tactics which clearly do not work always.

2. Manchester United

Jose Mourinho has significantly improved the club and they look a lot stronger than they did once Sir Alex Ferguson retired. However, this move to continue playing defensively against big sides will prevent them from losing three points but it certainly won’t add three points either. The match against Liverpool was probably the best example of why this tactic is not working.

The squad is strong but they need to start playing like a top-level club – and that is something City have been doing. Be it against a big club or a small club, City continue their firebrand style of football, which can explain why they continue to be ahead of United in the points table.

3. Tottenham Hotspur

Finishing third should be Tottenham Hotspur. The club’s form at their temporary home Wembley has considerably improved but then it remains to be seen if they can carry that forward untl the end. They do look strong but City and United seem a lot stronger than Mauricio Pochettino’s men.

However, finishing third could certainly prove to be a dampener for the club after being runners-up for two consecutive seasons.

4. Chelsea

Granted, the club is terrible right now but Antonio Conte has the vision and foresight to ensure the club makes a strong comeback. There’s still a lot of football left to be played and the club will get back to winning ways. Having said that, their form so far can only provide the defending champions with a moderate fourth-placed finish.

5. Burnley

Yes, this is a long shot but it is not extremely unlikely considering how poor Arsenal and Liverpool have been. Sean Dyche, on the other hand, has solidified the squad remarkably well and this was evident since day one. They caused a shocking upset for Chelsea, following which Burnley have been consistently strong. They have proven to be a real attacking threat.

6. Watford

Marco Silva has truly influenced Watford and has turned their performances around. Currently gracing the 4th spot in the league standings, the Vicarage Road side have a tough couple of fixtures ahead. They may have beaten Arsenal, but they also lost miserably to Manchester City right before the international break.

However, they still have the potential to secure a 6th placed finish based on their current form. Regardless, this season is turning out to be an extremely interesting one, capable of making the impossible come true.