How to Play the Best Online Slot Games

Slot machines have evolved over the years – from the three-reel physical slot machines in the 19th century to the sophisticated HD graphics we now have on regular five-reel online slots. In the old times, players didn’t get a bonus, whereas online players can immensely benefit from the  and start making their online fortune from there.

When it comes to the top Australian casinos online, slots are number one. People have different reasons for playing slots – however, the most common reason is the money. 

Everybody wants to hit the jackpot.

If this sounds interesting to you, then you might be intrigued to know the top world-calls online slots that you should try your hands on and avail yourself of the chance to win big.

Gold Rush Gus Slot

If you have been on Bovada’s platform before, you already know that Bovada is home to hundreds of slot games to play and a lot of fun to have. And if you are lucky enough – you might even hit the jackpot.

Gold Rush Gus Slot is a power-packed progressive online casino game that explores a mission to dig up chunks of diamonds, gold, gems, and any other precious items you can think of. This game has five reels with ten fixed pay lines.

The RTP is about 98.84%, which means you can expect regular wins. This online casino gameplay includes symbols that combine a mix of colored gems. That said, the highest-paying gems are the blue and red ones.

These gems typically pay you up to 500 and 300 coins when you land five of a kind. Other gems are the purples, orange, and green ones, which pay you 200, 150, and 150, respectively. The other symbols are the regular card suits – ace, king, queen, jack, ten, and none.

Also, while playing this online slot, you might want to watch out for special symbols, such as the golden wild. This symbol completes winning combinations for other symbols. Another symbol is the free spin symbol, which unlocks a free game round when you land at least three of a kind on reels – one, three, and five simultaneously.

This free game load randomly unlocks five, ten, and fifteen free spins – coupled with two, three, and five times win multipliers. With the jackpot of this online slot game, once you land five of the blue gems with the five times multiplier features – this leads you to a mouth-watering sum of2500 coins.

If you play this online slot, you can only change your total bet from 20cants up to $100 per spin. This, coupled with its bonus rounds and free spins, makes this online casino game quite entertaining and engaging.

Gold Rush Casino is an ideal option for casual players and high rollers. Also, if you are the type who gets frustrated by having to press the SPIN button constantly – the auto-play function will do it for you.

You must select your preferred number of spins, set your total bets, and then grab your favorite snack while watching for some magic.

Aviator Slot Machine

If you are looking for another online slot machine promising big returns, then the Aviator Slot machine is for you. The Aviator slot machine isn’t your average slot machine. It has become quite popular because of its simplicity and interesting gaming experience. 

This is the perfect game for you if you like to take risks while interacting with other players. As the game begins, the plane takes off – however, you need to wager two bets at a time within five seconds. You can only win if you collect your wins before the plane disappears – otherwise, you lose your bet.

Your potential win is calculated by multiplying the amount you wager by the coefficient that is shown on the screen. The higher the plane flies, the higher the multiplier.

Instead of the usual slot numbers and pay lines, the aviator slot machine uses an airplane that flies at a randomly increasing coefficient, which ranges from 1 time to 1 million times. The RTP of the aviator slot machine is up to 97%, and this online casino game is nothing less than a breath of fresh air in multiplayer gameplay.

Written by Balachandran B

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