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How Argentine women celebrated winning the 2022 world cup

Argentina went on to win the World Cup and the whole world celebrated the country’s victory and there were few women who celebrated their victory and caught the attention of netizens and in this article we will see more about those women who went viral celebrating.

Argentina were the favourites to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup and they definitely did not let their fans down after a shocking defeat to Saudi Arabia in the first match of the team. They went on to win the prestigious award after 36 years of waiting. The whole country erupted in Bueones Aires and stayed there day and night celebrating the victory.

There were an equal amount of female football supporters in the country who were overwhelmed after their victory in the finals against France at Lusial Stadium, Qatar. Let us see some of the female fans of Argentina who celebrated their country’s victory in this article.

Unknown Argentine Fans

These young women were spotted with the country’s jersey in Argentina after the final whistle and started to celebrate it with friends on the streets.

Unknown Argentine Fans

These two young fans from Argentina were so happy after the country won the tournament after 36 years and they were so delighted with the other fans in the background.

Topless fan

This Argentine fan went on to remove the top after the final to celebrate with the fans and was caught on camera and received a lot of attention from the fans.

Noemi Gomez and Milu Barbiie

Credits: @milubarbiie_ Instagram

These two young hot ladies who are friends from Argentina flew all the way to Qatar to watch their country play in the world cup. They were spotted many times in Argentina’s matches.

These two got carried away and after the country’s victory against France in the finals went on to remove the top and celebrate in front of the fans.

This definitely caught the attention of many fans from the stadium including the person with the camera who seemed delighted after the victory.

These two topless fans Noemi Gomez and Milu Barbiie were taken out safely from the stadium and luckily travelled back to their country escaping punishment after this World Cup final antics.

Another fan joined the show after the victory by removing the top to celebrate and definitely was not shy about supporting Argentina. They were all prepared for this moment and had their chest painted with the country’s flag before the match began.

Topless fan in car

This fan took away her top after the victory and showed it to the fans like many other fans who took away the top exposing.

Topless fans in Argentina

These four fans from Argentina celebrated with the crowd and took their top as an attention in the crowd of Buenos Aires.

Naked in the streets

This fan went a bit far and was barely wearing anything and was not shy posing for pics and got viral after the video of her was uploaded to the social media.

Fan from Staudim

This fan from argentina with a Tshirt name Messi at the back, chanted his name and removed the top after that which was recorded and uploaded it on social media which got viral.

Naked fan in Buenos Aires

A fan went completely naked in front of the fans in Bueones Aires catching the attention of every one in the crowd. She went on to clib the lamp post with the Argentina flag with her, but later she was seen posing bending front who was barely seen with a cloth on her body.

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