Forget Wenger’s Departure – Here Are 3 Players Arsenal Must Buy This Summer To Compete For The Title

A whole lot criticism is what Arsenal’s Manager Arsene Wenger is facing these days just due to his failure this season as his team lost its shape in the second half of the season. The team was knocked out of the Champions League by Barcelona and also have also exited the FA Cup and is struggling to hold their spot in the Premier League as well. Though the beginning was good but then the team eventually vanished and had a poor run of form since past two months.

After the announcement of Pep Guardiola to City, the Manuel Pellegrini’s side slipped out of the top spot where on the other hand United has been affected by their poor performance a lot this season and still cannot find a way to compete toughly. Chelsea had their worst start of the season and Liverpool had their ups and downs and so Arsenal had their best chance this season of winning the Premier League title, but their recent form can only buy them a 3rd or 4th finish in the table as the side has won just one of their last 4 Premier League games.

The Gunners are still 11 points behind the current leaders Leicester City and this has brought the future of the longest serving manager of Premier League in question. But, leaving all the criticism aside, Arsene Wenger proudly announced that he has no plans to step down as manager of the Club and will continue his services in the next season too.

He said: “I have no doubt because I am committed and when I do something I do it 100%. I am always committed to give my best as long as I am at the club. I don’t worry too much about the rest, what other people say.

“All the rest is judgments, opinions …In my job, you focus on what is important which is to perform. I believe in life it is very important you focus on what you are appointed for and I am appointed to perform and do the best for my club. That’s all I focus on. My future is my future.”

Arsenal have not won a major trophy since 2004 and the supporters are heating up and firing at Arsene Wenger for that. If Wenger intends to bring the title back to Emirates, then certainly he needs to bring some fire at the club which can ignite the Guns of London to give a tough competition from the start to end. With some aging players running out of contract, the team will have more room to bring the quality players in the squad. Laurent Koscielny is a tough fighter but the team will be needing another centre back as the German defender Per Mertesacker is blamed for being too slow to match the pace of the opponent’s players. Francis Coquelin has done a pretty good job but still he needs to learn a lot.

Here we are listing 3 players, which Arsenal should go for in this summer’s transfer window.

  1. Benedikt Howedes-

Considered as a defensive all-rounder, this German can be deployed in any defensive areas. With just one year left on his Schalke’s contract, Arsenal should go for this solid defender this summer. His signing can form a strong defensive wall at Arsenal’s backline with Laurent Koscielny. This 28-year-old defender possesses great strength and is known for his well-timed sliding tackles. His high jumping abilities can be utilized by Arsenal during set-pieces. Famous for his no-nonsense defending this German have won an average of 56% of duels he takes on. A player like him will surely benefit Arsene Wenger’s side, the side which is famous for losing its shape in the second phase of the season.


Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar

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