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Dyche’s Footballing Style And 2 Other Reasons Why Burnley Can Finish In The Top-10 This Season

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Three Reasons Why Burnley Can Achieve A Top-10 Finish This Season

The Premier League campaign is still in its infancy but that has not stopped clubs from trying to cement their places at the top end of the points table. The likes of Huddersfield Town and Newcastle United have made excellent starts to the campaign and stand in the top 10 at the moment but one team that has emerged as a real surprise is Burnley.

Sean Dyche’s side have made a pretty good start to the season, picking up nine points from their first six games. They have a solid squad, ready to contribute in every game and there is every chance that they can finish the season inside the top half. Here are three reasons why it is possible for the Clarets to do so:

Chris Wood

The man deserves one for himself. The New Zealand international was one of the most effective players in the Championship in the last couple of years and is easily one of the best signings of the summer for the Clarets. His formidable frame and ability with the ball at his feet and also in the air makes him one of the most effective strikers in England. He can score goals of all kinds and will test even the best of the defences, and if he can keep up his form, he can take Burnley to the top half of the table with relative ease.

Squad depth

Though not the strongest squads in England, Burnley and Dyche made a number of decent signings in the summer and have options for almost every position in the first team. They may not be the best in the league but the Clarets definitely have what it takes to come out of the cramping fixture schedule in England, something many teams will struggle with later in the campaign. Dyche can get over those situations with ease, making it easier for the club to finish in the top half of the table.

Dyche’s system

Though a number of clubs are using the compact 4-4-2 formation to decent effect in the league at the moment, Dyche has a variant to it, that allows his side to excel, even against the best sides. More importantly, he has the personnel to help him achieve success with this system and till it is strong, there will not be many teams that can take all three points away from Burnley, especially clubs at the bottom half of the table.

So do you think Burnley can finish in the top half?