Who Is Manon Mogavero? Meet The Wife Of Alexandre Lacazette

Alexandre Lacazette Wife Manon Mogavero Wiki 2022- Age, Net Worth, Career, Kids, Family and more

Manon Mogavero is famous for being the wife of Arsenal star Alexandre Lacazette. Read on to learn more about her nationality, net worth, facts and family.

Coming from a humble background, Manon has achieved incredible feats in her career. Currently, she is a therapist. She is the kind of woman who doesn’t like to attract a lot of attention hence enjoys a low-key life. When it comes to her love life, she maintained absolute secrecy regarding her relationship with Alexandre Lacazette. 

Since joining Arsenal in 2017, the Frenchman has become a crucial member of the squad. He has developed himself into a top striker and only good things could be awaiting him if he continues to provide top class performances. However, we are not here to talk more about his career but to explore the life of his beautiful wife. Stay tuned to know more about the stunning wife of Alexandre Lacazette.                                                                                                   

Manon Mogavero Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthFrance
Partner Alexandre Lacazette
Height5 ft 6 in (1.67 m)
Weight55 kg (121 lbs)
Sister / BrotherN.A
Father & MotherN.A
Hair ColourBlonde 
Eye ColourBrown 
Net Worth (approx.)N.A

Manon Mogavero Childhood and Family 

Manon was born in 1991 in France, making her French. The fact that we don’t know her date of birth suggests the stiff secrecy she maintains regarding her private information. Despite coming into the spotlight several times, she hasn’t shared much about her family.

We believe she doesn’t want to attract attention to her family members and disrupt their privacy. We currently don’t know anything about her father and mother and their jobs. We are unsure whether she has any siblings. We will continue looking for more details and update the article if anything new comes up. Stay tuned to know more about the wife of Alexandre Lacazette.                                                    

Manon Mogavero was born in France. (Credit: Backgrid)
Manon Mogavero was born in France. (Credit: Backgrid)

Manon Mogavero Education

Manon went to a local high school in her hometown. She was one of the most ambitious students in her class. After completing her graduation, she went to university in France. She successfully earned a bachelor’s degree in therapeutic studies.                                         

Manon Mogavero career 

Manon is a Therapist. She was passionate about healing people from the inside, and she pursued her dream by becoming a professional. Now she gets to help people every day. She is currently working in London, where she moved after completing her studies.

We are currently unsure whether she has her own clinic or she is working for an institution. Because of having years of experience in the field, she has helped many people to achieve their mental fitness goals. Now, many clients frequently visit her to talk to her.                   

Alexandre Lacazette (R) and wife Manon Mogavero (L).
Alexandre Lacazette (R) and wife Manon Mogavero (L).

Manon Mogavero Net Worth 

Manon’s net worth is under review at this point. We believe she has accumulated a large sum by performing therapy. She maintains a low-key profile; that’s why we don’t know anything about her lifestyle. We are on the lookout for more details and will update the article when we find something new. 

Alexandre Lacazette currently has a net worth of $19 Million. He earns £9,467,273 per year at Arsenal. His significant earnings ensure that all the needs and wants of the family are fulfilled.                                           

Manon Mogavero and Alexandre Lacazette relationship

Alexandre Lacazette met with his wife in 2015 while he was playing for the French team, Lyon. He was a budding footballer at that time, and Manon had faith that he would become a top forward in future. Just after their initial meeting, they were heavily attracted to each other.

The duo started going on dates and eventually formed a beautiful relationship. They got married in a secret marriage ceremony only attended by some of their close friends and family, that’s why we don’t know the exact time when they tied the knot. As time passed by, their relationship matured. But in 2020, Lacazette came close to breaking their bond. 

Alexandre Lacazette went on several dates with nightclub worker Funda Gedik. (Credit: The Sun)
Alexandre Lacazette went on several dates with nightclub worker Funda Gedik. (Credit: The Sun)

The Arsenal star was rumoured to be dating nightclub worker Funda Gedik. He got so deep into the relationship that he forgot how badly he was hurting Manon. Funda, however, didn’t know in the beginning that Lacazette had a family, and when she got to know, she was heartbroken.

But still, Lacazette convinced her that they had a future. Ultimately, Lacazette broke the relationship, and luckily Manon forgave him.                                          

Manon Mogavero and Alexandre Lacazette Children  

We are currently not entirely sure whether they have a child. But we have seen Lacazette post pictures with a boy on his Instagram feeds captioning family, suggesting that he was a boy child.  

Alexandre Lacazette posted this photo on his Instagram captioning 'Family Time.' (Credit: Instagram)
Alexandre Lacazette posted this photo on his Instagram captioning ‘Family Time.’ (Credit: Instagram)

Manon Mogavero Social media 

We couldn’t find any account of Manon on famous social media sites. She is the kind of woman who likes to spend quality time with her family rather than scrolling through the internet. That’s why she is not a big fan of social media pages.     

FAQs about Manon Mogavero

When did Manon Mogavero and Alexandre Lacazette get married?
Their marriage date is currently unknown. 
What is Manon Mogavero doing now?
She is a Therapist.  
How old is Manon Mogavero?
She is 31 years old. 
Nationality of Manon Mogavero?
She is French. 
What is Manon Mogavero’s net worth?
Her net worth is unknown.  

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