Natalia Regina- Alex Sandro Wife, her family and more

Who Is Natalia Regina? Meet The Wife Of Alex Sandro

Natalia Regina is famous for being the wife of Juventus star Alex Sandro. Read on to learn more about her nationality, net worth, facts and family.

Natalia is not the typical WAG and she doesn’t like to make excessive public appearances. She has maintained secrecy when it comes to her private information. Despite being the wife of a famous football star she barely indulges in interviews and other media activities. That’s why many fans don’t know much about their love story. 

Since signing for Juventus in 2015, Alex Sandro has become one of the most reliable stars of the Old Lady squad. With growing age, he might be slowing a little, but still, his dribbling skills and game awareness makes him a top-level full-back. The Brazilian has a beautiful wife with whom he has been sharing all his grief and happy moments. So let’s find out more about the mysterious life of Natalia Regina, the wife of Alex Sandro.                                                         

Natalia Regina Facts & Wiki

Place of BirthBrazil
PartnerAlex Sandro
Sister / BrotherN.A
Father & MotherN.A
Hair ColourDark 
Eye ColourDark 
Net Worth (approx.)N.A

Natalia Regina Childhood and Family 

We couldn’t fetch Natalia’s date of birth. She likes to keep her private information away from the public eye. Furthermore, she hasn’t disclosed the name of her father and mother and what jobs they do. We don’t have any information regarding her siblings. Tracking the childhood and family details of the beautiful Brazilian lady has become quite challenging. However, we are on the lookout for more information and will update the article if we find new data. Stay tuned to learn more about the beautiful girlfriend of Alex Sandro.                                                 

Natalia Regina is Brazilian. (Credit: Lifeblogger)
Natalia Regina is Brazilian. (Credit: Lifeblogger)

Natalia Regina Education

Natalia spent most of her childhood and early adulthood in Brazil. So there’s a high chance she completed her education at local institutions. We know that she completed her high school graduation in her hometown. She moved in with Alex Sandro at a pretty young age; hence we believe she might have skipped further studies to stay with the love of her life.                            

Natalia Regina career 

Natalia’s career is currently under review. She hasn’t shared much information about her professional journey on the internet. She barely makes any public appearances. That’s why tracking her current role has become challenging. However, considering the content on her Instagram feed, we believe she is currently a full-time housewife. She enjoys staying at home and doing the house chores. She is also very supportive of her partner and often visits the Allianz stadium to cheer for her husband.       

Natalia Regina inside the Allianz Stadium to support her husband. (Picture was taken from
Natalia Regina inside the Allianz Stadium to support her husband. (Picture was taken from

Natalia Regina Net Worth 

Natalia’s net worth is currently under review. Calculating her net worth has become problematic as we couldn’t fetch details about her current role. But if our claim is valid and she is currently a full-time housewife, then her net worth seems to be considerably lower.

However, that doesn’t indicate anything about her lifestyle. Natalia’s partner Alex Sandro earns a significant amount every year from his professional contract; thus, only his income is enough for the family to enjoy a luxurious life.                             

Natalia Regina and Alex Sandro Relationship

Alex Sandro has been with his wife since childhood. Even though we don’t know the exact year they met, we believe they have been dating when the Brazilian was still playing in Brazil. Since then, the duo has remained inseparable, and their love story has crossed every barrier.

The pair managed to keep their relationship a secret for a long time. They kept their appearances low-key and avoided the media’s attention. After several years of dating, Alex Sandro finally married his childhood sweetheart. Due to the lack of information, we currently don’t know when they tied the knot, but we believe the occasion happened around 2015.              

Alex Sandro and his wife, Natalia Regina are childhood sweethearts. (Picture was taken from
Alex Sandro and his wife, Natalia Regina are childhood sweethearts. (Picture was taken from

Natalia Regina and Alex Sandro Children  

The duo has a beautiful daughter, but they haven’t shared the name of the child yet. We believe they don’t want excessive media attention to disrupt their daughter’s life.   

Alex Sandro with his wife and daughter. (Credit: Juventus)
Alex Sandro with his wife and daughter. (Credit: Juventus)

Natalia Regina Social media 

Natalia has earned a lot of fame after her relationship with Joe Gomez became public. However, she is not a big fan of social media. She likes spending time without the media’s camera; hence she doesn’t give them much information about herself.

We couldn’t find any accounts of her on major social media platforms. Instead of posting snaps of her activities, she likes to enjoy the moments.         

FAQs about Natalia Regina

When did Natalia Regina and Alex Sandro get married?
They got married around 2015. 
What is Natalia Regina doing now?
Her current role is unknown. 
How old is Natalia Regina?
She is in her 30s. 
Nationality of Natalia Regina?
She is Brazilian. 
What is Natalia Regina’s net worth?
Her net worth is unknown. 

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Written by Surajit Das

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