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A Manchester United Fan’s Perspective – Why This Welshmen Is Not The Right Choice To Replace The Dutchman

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Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs

The pressure at Old Trafford has never been higher since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson and it seems as if now, the pressure has reached it’s pinnacle. Although a derby day win for Louis Van Gaal’s men gives them a new air to pursue Champions League qualification, the win would do very little to help his job chances and one more defeat would mean that he’s right into the spotlight again. Ever since the trouble started, there have been wide range of rumours linking Manchester United with every top manager and the front runners who’ve emerged from this saga are Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte but after taking everything into consideration, one assistant manager, a Welshman who’s served the reds for decades has been deemed to take over the reigns at Old Trafford too and who should it be? Ryan Giggs of course!

Ryan Giggs has the backing of several pundits across the world but his link up has also provoked many people to caste doubts. There are several reasons as to why Giggs’ should be handed the top job for example he knows the policies on which a club like United came to power. He’s seen everything from the era of Sir Alex to the era of Louis Van Gaal and restoration of old ways is what majority of the United fans crave for but then of course, with every manager come the positives as well as negatives. Here are three top reasons as to why Ryan Giggs should not replace the experienced Dutchman :-

* Inexperience

The biggest reason as to why Giggs shouldn’t be allowed to take over is his inexperience. No punditry, or a consultation from coach or even a role as the assistant manager will help you much unless you get into the shoes of being a manager for a club and see it out for yourself.

The best example can be of Gary Neville. The United legend’s punditry level was on point but he’s struggling at Valencia and it almost is puzzling for several fans and same thing can happen to Ryan Giggs. His inexperience is largely put into the spotlight and at such a crucial juncture United cannot afford to have a manager who’s inexperienced to take such a high profile job.

*United cannot gamble

United are indeed undergoing a period of transition. They’ve changed hands from Sir Alex to David Moyes to Louis Van Gaal and after spending millions and millions it still seems that the club’s future is amongst the dark clouds with huge uncertainty. One key factor we have to consider here is also the achievements of Louis Van Gaal and how effective he’s been with his youth policy over the years.  Louis Van Gaal is a renowned manager for bringing in stability as well as promoting youth players. Manchester United’s policy too over the years has witnessed several youth players promoted and amongst them of course are the likes of Gary Neville, Paul Scholes, basically the whole of the class of 1992. At such a crucial time, United just can’t afford to gamble and take off an experienced as well as an established Dutchman to only replace him with an inexperienced Welshmen

* A small club is the way for him

“You are accountable for every decision at a club, everything from the time you set off to a match, where you stay before a match, what time you train, as well as the bigger issues of what tactics to play and which players to pick.”

“And if you are vulnerable to being exposed early on in your career, you want it to be at a slightly lower level where it can be a little more forgiving.”

Quoting the former English manager Glenn Hoddle here, I’ve realized how true his words are.  Ryan Giggs cannot be exposed so early on in his career and at just 42 he has not taken over a single club. Even the likes of Ole Gunner Solskjaer struggled with smaller clubs ( Cardiff) and nothing can be said about Ryan Giggs. He must take over a small club and even a negative season won’t be blamed upon him so much but if he fails at United it will be one heck of a failure and not a good one for the fans as well as the club to witness.

These reasons explain as to why Giggs should not replace Louis Van Gaal at Manchester United.