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Zan-Luk Leban 2023 – Net Worth, Salary, Sponsors, Girlfriend, Tattoos, Cars, and more

Zan-Luk Leban is a professional Slovenia footballer who currently plays for the English club Everton in this page, we will see more about the player’s Net Worth, Salary, Sponsors, Girlfriend, Tattoos, Cars, and more.

Born on December 15, 2002, Žan Luk Leban is a promising Goalkeeper currently playing for Everton. With his youth career exclusively spent at Everton, Leban has honed his skills and gained valuable experience at the club. Having shown tremendous potential, Leban is eligible to represent Slovenia at the international level. With his talent and dedication, he is poised to make a significant impact in the world of football.

Žan Luk Leban is a promising Goalkeeper currently playing for Everton. (Credits: @evertonacademy Twitter)
Žan Luk Leban is a promising Goalkeeper currently playing for Everton. (Credits: @evertonacademy Twitter)

Zan-Luk Leban Facts and Wiki

Birth PlaceN/A
Father’s NameN/A
Mother’s NameN/A
Star SignSagittarius
Net WorthN/A
Birthday15 December 2002
Senior ClubsEverton
Achievements1x European Under-21 participant
Social MediaN/A

Zan-Luk Leban Net Worth and Salary

As of 2023, there is no information available regarding the net worth and salary of the player. However, it is widely known that the player’s current market value stands at ₹1.6 Cr. This valuation is a testament to the player’s exceptional skills and performance on the field. Although the player’s financial details remain undisclosed, it is evident that he holds a significant place in the world of sports, and his talent and hard work continue to earn him recognition and admiration from fans and critics alike.

Zan-Luk Leban Club Career

Everton Football Club welcomed the signing of Zan-Luk Leban in 2019 from FCB Escola Varsovia in Poland, where he showcased his abilities as a talented goalkeeper. Unfortunately, the start of his career with the Toffees was marred by a knee ligament injury that prevented him from playing in his debut season. Despite this setback, he demonstrated the immense potential that earned him a two-and-a-half-year professional contract in December 2019.

After making a full recovery from his injury, Leban, a youth international for Slovenia, was eager to get back onto the field and make his mark. He started by featuring in the final six league matches of the 2019/20 season for Everton Under-18s, where he demonstrated his exceptional shot-stopping skills, incredible reflexes, and excellent command of his area.

Throughout his stint with the Under-18s, Leban exhibited an outstanding level of maturity and composure, proving to be a key asset to the team’s defence. His performances were a testament to his resilience and determination to overcome adversity, earning him the admiration of fans and coaches alike.

As he progresses through the ranks of the club, Everton fans can look forward to seeing more of Leban’s impressive displays in goal, as he continues to develop and mature into a top-class goalkeeper.

Zan-Luk Leban International Career

Despite displaying impressive talent and potential, the player has not yet been given the opportunity to showcase their abilities in international matches. However, this has not deterred their drive to succeed, as they remain dedicated to improving their skills through hard work and training. The player’s ultimate goal is to represent their country on the global stage, and they continue to work tirelessly towards achieving this dream.

Despite facing setbacks and challenges along the way, the player remains optimistic and motivated, fueled by their unwavering determination and perseverance. With their focus set firmly on the future, they are committed to pursuing their goals and making their mark in the world of international football.

Zan-Luk Leban Family

Although the young Everton Goalkeeper has exhibited impressive talent, there appears to be a lack of information regarding their family background. Little is known about the player’s parents or siblings, leaving their personal life somewhat of a mystery.

Nonetheless, the player’s abilities on the field continue to draw attention and admiration from fans and peers alike. While their family background may remain unknown for now, the player’s dedication and hard work in pursuit of their footballing goals serve as a testament to their character and determination.

Zan-Luk Leban Girlfriend

Currently, there is a dearth of information available about the romantic relationship status of Zan-Luk Leban, the young goalkeeper for Everton. Despite efforts to uncover any details about a possible girlfriend or wife, no concrete information has been found. It is possible that Leban remains unattached and is still searching for the right person to share his life with. Until any further updates surface, the goalkeeper’s relationship status remains single.

Zan-Luk Leban Sponsorship and Endorsement

Zan-Luk is a highly skilled young goalkeeper for Everton, but despite his exceptional talent, he has yet to secure any sponsorship or endorsement deals. However, given his impressive abilities on the pitch, it is only a matter of time before he catches the attention of brands looking to align themselves with rising stars in the world of football.

Zan-Luk Leban Cars and Tattoos

Despite owning a respectable car collection, Zan-Luk Leban has yet to be seen driving on the streets of Slovenia. Interestingly, unlike his football peers, he has refrained from getting any tattoos.

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FAQs about Zan-Luk Leban

What is the net worth of Zan-Luk Leban?
The net worth of Zan-Luk Leban is N/A
How many clubs has Zan-Luk Leban played for?
Zan-Luk Leban has played with 1 club at the senior level – Everton
How old is Zan-Luk Leban?
He is 20 years old. 
How tall is Zan-Luk Leban?
The height of Zan-Luk Leban is 1.88m.
Has Zan-Luk Leban ever won a Premier League?
No, Zan-Luk Leban has never won a Premier League.