WOW! Chelsea Star’s Poor Show This Season Has A Weird Reason

Radamel Falcao
Radamel Falcao

Well, it’s nothing new to interview the family members of football stars, though it is not too common in the United Kingdom and might be a bigger trend in other countries across the globe. An example of this was when the Spanish media spoke to the mother of Sergio Ramos while her son was was being linked with a move to Manchester United.

Now, it seems that the latest footballer family member to be questioned is Chelsea striker Radamel Falco’s grandmother, Denis King de García, who recently spoke in an interview with Colombia’s El Universal about her grandson’s poor show in the last two years in England.

When asked about 0the Blues’ attacker’s poor form, doña Denis blamed those around him and said, “Of course, it’s hard for him to do anything in 10-15 minutes, it’s not good. Plus, it seems that players are more selfish because they don’t pass him the ball. There needs to be more teamwork.”

Speaking about his current situation, she said that “he was a bit sad, he isn’t like he was before.”

Written by Nitish Bhan

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