Will Soccer Ever Become America’s Sport?

America is known for football. Not “football” in the sense used by the rest of the world. We’re talking about American football, with tackling and touchdowns and the Star Spangled Banner. People have long theorized about whether or not soccer could ever become America’s sport, in the same way baseball, basketball, and football are or have been at some time in history.

Currently, American soccer fans are incredibly die-hard. They have to be, after all, because it’s hard to see the matches you want unless you are truly interested enough to spend some time and money in the hunt. Another wave of American soccer fans have come into being through betting on the matches. Check out this , to see if this might be for you, or at least to see why these fans are getting into the sport through this avenue.

No discussion about America’s relationship with soccer would be complete without understanding soccer’s growing profile in the United States. All the signs point to soccer becoming still more popular. Here are some of those reasons, the momentum of which could help raise soccer’s profile in the United States in the near future.

America’s Growing Obsession With Soccer

  than any sport other than basketball. This is due to many factors. Soccer is easy to learn, but hard to master. It’s very active, getting kids exercise they would not in an only occasionally physical game like football or baseball. There is also much less risk of brain injury, as in American football. The sport is hard on players’ bodies, but the benefits outweigh the risks in most cases. Furthermore, there is a growing community culture about American soccer. The term “soccer mom” is a household expression for a reason: there are millions of soccer moms in the US.

Many of these childhood players grow up to be fans of the sport. This is happening at a time when America’s traditionally soccer-playing demographics are also growing. Even as numbers are being added to America’s soccer fields, there are many this sport on TV and the internet. If you love the game, you can see it happen in real time, something that was simply impossible for most people in previous decades. If you were a soccer fan in the United States in 1980, when most of the best play occurred outside of the US, it was difficult to ever see what was going on.

Combine these factors with American soccer’s conspicuously good performance in fairly recent history. America likes soccer when American soccer does well on the world stage. With ever-better players coming through the United States’ junior leagues, you can expect the professional teams’ performances to improve as the years go by.

Soccer has never been America’s primary sport, but it’s not hard to imagine a future where it is, even if it has to share the title with basketball and or/football. Today is a good time to be a soccer fan, in any case, especially for people in the United States.



Written by SoccerSouls

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