Will Pulisic Find Favour Under Graham Potter?

Pulisic’s falling out with the previous Chelsea manager made headlines worldwide, and it seems as though he has managed to garner a reputation for being somewhat of a troublesome player. This has led everyone to speculate just how well he will get on with the new manager, Graham Potter. 

Some people suspect Pulisic’s deposition means that a falling out with Graham is inevitable, while others believe that the previous manager was the issue, not Pulisic.

While we can’t give you a definitive answer as to what the future holds, we can certainly look at how things are going thus far, and this is precisely what we will be doing in this article.   

Things Seem To Be Going Extraordinarily Well So Far

Everything we can see seems to be going incredibly well for Pulisic under Graham Potter’s leadership. Pulisic has been putting in a ton of time and effort into improving, and as you would expect, Potter has noticed just how hard Pulisic is trying to improve.

This has led to a renewed optimism surrounding Pulisic, with both the fans and Graham Potter having high hopes for him if he continues to dedicate himself to the sport. 

This optimism has come at a pivotal time for not only Pulisic but also for the US national team, as the road to the World Cup 2022 gets shorter and shorter. The US is in a difficult group: Iran and Scotland pose reliable threats, both tough to break down and scrappy, with England offering the sternest test.

Pulisic will know the English opposition well, plying his trade on those shores. Looking at the odds from American bookmakers, especially , football fans will see the US are not considered contenders for the title.

However, to put in a respectable performance – let alone go before the first knockout round – Pulisic will have to turn in world-class performances in every game.

However, performance is not the only area where Pulisic is excelling. On the social side, it seems Pulisic and Graham Potter are getting on extremely well, and there have been no issues so far.

Of course, this could all change instantly – but all signs point towards Pulisic and Potter having a fruitful relationship.  

Pulisic Has To Redeem Himself 

While “Pulisic’s fresh start” was deemed as a failure right from the get-go by the naysayers, it looks as though things are anything but, and Pulisic seems to be flourishing under Graham Potter.

Although, it is still important to mention that Pulisic has to redeem himself. A falling out with a well-known manager is not a good look, and the disdain many fans hold for him will not go away easily.

Pulisic needs to go above and beyond to prove himself to the fans and his new manager, and if he doesn’t do this, his career could be jeopardised.

To conclude; Pulisic undeniably has his work cut out for him if he wants to redeem himself and be seen by the public in a positive light, and if things happen to go wrong with Graham, then he could be labelled as a trouble causer forever.

However, all signs point towards Pulisic and Graham getting on exceptionally well up to now, and it looks as though Pulisic is willing to put in all the extra work to prove himself to his new manager and the fans.

Written by Balachandran B

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