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Watford should offload their 28-year-old star to build a strong enough squad to enter European football – agreed?

Watford opinion: Should the Hornets cash in on Roberto Pereyra?

Watford need to start being more ruthless with their players and their spending. The Hornets showed that they can compete alongside the best of the best but not at a rate that is sustainable for them. If anything, their 6-0 defeat in the FA Cup final was proof of that.

But the sheer fact that they even reached the FA Cup final shows that things have changed at the club and it has to keep changing.

They have the players and the manager to move forward but they need to start being more ruthless. What if Roberto Pereyra had scored that opening goal, would it have made any difference?

That is a question that many Watford fans will be asking over the next few years. That fact alone shows that Watford need to start planning for next season as soon as possible.

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The Hornets have struggled to be ruthless but given their squad strength, they need to.

They have an ageing back-line, a midfield core that is arguably their strongest and a front line that does need a few additions here and there. Not only that, Isaac Success and Ken Sema need to buck up or be sold because both of them have had horror show seasons.

There are a few more changes here and there but that is the basic need and to do that the club needs money.

While there are a few ways to raise that money, the best possible way would be by player sales. And given the fact that Roberto Pereyra has been linked with a move to Torino, it’s time that Watford cash in.

The former Juventus man arrived in the summer of 2016 and has since been a rather entertaining presence at the club. He’s averaged five goals a season, with his best coming this season. The 28-year-old finished the season with 6 goals and 3 assists, which aren’t world-class figures.

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But they’re good enough to attract a few clubs from around the world and given their need for reinforcements, Watford need to cash in. It is a given that the Hornets need reinforcements and letting someone as good as Pereyra go would net them a pretty sum.

That would be more than enough for Javi Gracia to add reinforcements and pump up his team for next season. But the club should only do that if they want to stop surviving and start thriving in the top-tier.

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Watford need reinforcements and to do that, they need to inject money into their transfer budget. Selling someone like Roberto Pereyra will help their cause and while the Argentine has given a lot to the cause, it’s time to move on.