Why Chelsea Are The Most Hated Club In The Premier League At The Moment

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The Premier League has one of the most richest and successful sides in Europe and have always provided some high-quality entertainment to the fans. Though every club has its own sets of fans, one thing that unites fans of two different clubs is their mutual hate towards the other. So it does not come as a surprise that some of the most successful clubs in the league are also one of the most hated in the league. Though Manchester United and their glorious past were for a while, Stamford Bridge outfit Chelsea have now overtaken them and are officially the most hated club in the Premier League. Here are a few reasons why they might stay there for a long time:

There is no doubt that their success has attracted a large part of the community of hate. The Blues have been a force to reckon with in the last decade and a half, not just in the domestic league but also in Europe. Though that might attract a lot of new fans, the way they got there is what troubles most haters. Roman Abramovich is a wealthy millionaire and he has pumped millions and millions into the club to get take the Blues to the top of the table. Chelsea won just 9 major trophies in the 98 years before the Russian millionaire took over the club but ever since, they have bagged 12 major title including the Champions League and are also fighting for the title this season. Most affairs conducted by the club are more like business transaction and less like things a football club would do and it was never going to sit down well with the rival fans.

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It was a gradual influx of huge amounts of money in the squad that built what they represent now and that is never going to be the way that the club can gain supporters. Yet, Chelsea have some high profile fans from almost every corner of the world. A number of British politicians have an interest in the Stamford Bridge outfit making them all the more annoying. Then comes the Mourinho effect. The Portuguese is one the most successful and respected manager in world football and has been the most successful manager in the history of the London outfit. However, he hardly ever has fans from rival teams and his methods to take Chelsea to some memorable titles, have also played their part in turning fans around the world against them.

Their loan system, which boasts of the amount of money that they can spend yet waste on players they don’t need, is just another example of the arrogance of the club. They currently have 38 players out on loan, half of whom are a long way away from a place in the starting XI at the Bridge. They have also picked up a reputation for their onfield antics where they try and surround the referee whenever they feel like they are hard done by. In short, the Blues and their fans, have assumed a level of importance in the hierarchy of the Premier League that has come to them within a decade and some pieces of paper, and they will forever be hated however successful they may be.

Why do you think Chelsea is the most hated club in the Premier League right now?


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