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Who is this 23-year-old Spanish defender on Arsenal’s radar? The next big thing in England?

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Fernando Calero scout report: Everything to know about this Arsenal target

Reports by The Sun indicate that Arsenal’s top defensive winter target – Fernando Calero of Real Valladolid is currently in London. The report showed a picture taken from the player’s Instagram page that had a location marker indicating that he was staying at the H10 Waterloo hotel on Southbank.

These reports which emerged first on Christmas Eve sent Arsenal fans into delirium but it has later been argued that he could simply have been on holiday as the La Liga observes it’s standard Christmas break.

Here’s a quick look the player in question to give fans an understanding as to what this young Spaniard is all about.


He is a young defender born and raised in Valladolid who has had to really work his way into the Real Valladolid first team. Born in the small town of Boecillo, the 23-year-old has always been determined to be a defender.

He started his career in the U-19 division at FC Malaga. He made a name for himself but was unable to break through the Malaga youth system. It was in the 13/14 season that he finally got a break but it wasn’t the one he expected.

He was transferred to the Malaga reserve team that played in the 3rd tier of Spanish football. 4 years on, his time at Malaga had come to an end and hope was beginning to fade when he made his move to the Real Valladolid reserve team in 16/17.

His growth since then was exponential. By the start of the 17/18 season, he already signed a contract with the first team.

Playing Style

Rather rapid for a centre-half, he is an athletic defender who is a tall figure in the middle of the defence. His orthodox defending style is something he developed over the years spent in the lower tiers of Spanish football.

His height allows him to generally dominate in the air against attackers while he is also a strong and composed tackler. His passing stat is also impressive which would be essential to the way that Arsenal play.

The Way Forward

He has displayed his qualities time and again in the Spanish top-flight and would be a rather good fit for Arsenal with his quality defensive stats added to his exceptional passing qualities.

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While the reports could just mean that he is having a fun holiday in London, they could also mean that he is there to meet with Arsenal reps and work out a contract. This could mean exciting times ahead for Arsenal fans.