Top 5 Manchester United Flop Signings After SAF Era: Featuring A Fifth Most Expensive Player Of All Time

Radamel Falcao-

The Columbian joined Manchester United on 1 September 2014 on loan from Monaco. Another Ray of Hope for United but proved to be a failure at the club. At the time of joining, Falcao said that he would do everything to settle down at the club and will become the club’s legend. Well, neither he settled down at the club nor he became the legend.

Falcao is one of those players whose career has been hit by a long-term injury. The player missed the 2014 world cup due to a severe ACL injury on January 2014. It took him 7 months to return from the injury and then started a decline in the El Tigre’s career. As he was unable to put any mark in the club, he was named as the worst signing of the season.

Scored just 4 goals for United and had 4 assists. The club had the option to buy the player after his loan spell but, he was released back to Monaco and currently is enjoying his time sitting on the bench of Stamford Bridge.

Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar

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