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Top 5 Manchester United Flop Signings After SAF Era: Featuring A Fifth Most Expensive Player Of All Time

Manchester United, one of the powerhouses in Europe has lost its era and has lost its magic in the recent era. After the retirement of Sir Alex, United saw its downfall. Almost every player Ferguson signed left the club as a star. He made them what they are. But, the club is nowhere near their standards these days and players are nowhere near at their best.

Arrival of Louis Van Gaal bought some hope to crowd and his signings made United believe that they can challenge for the title this year. Well, nothing of that happened and the fans were left disappointed. This year, United had their chance to show the magic in the Champions League but, the team was knocked out in the group stages and eventually was knocked out of Europa League through their rivals Liverpool.

Here I will be stating the worst 5 signings United made after the tenure of Alex Ferguson-


Marouane Fellaini-

No doubt about him. He has been the worst Manchester United player since his arrival. Had a great career at Everton where he helped his side to finish their campaign at 5th position on his very first season. Worked great under Moyes at Everton but, as Moyes brought him at Manchester, he was nowhere near to his previous form. Was not able to score a single goal that season for the team and became the enemy number one for the fans.

Arrival of Van Gaal saw an inclination in his form but the injuries ruined it and eventually he was not able to give the performance fans expected. He was played as a striker many times in the league to find the goal but he failed to deliver any great result for the side.

His career as a United player might come to an end as he has not matched the performance. He has been constantly poor on the ball, shoots with no accuracy and has no aim whenever he is on the ball. He had all the experience in the world to play in the premier league but god knows what happened and his form is touching rock bottom every time he plays.

Nowadays, he  is criticized for his rough pushing and flying elbows. Off the ball, he is very awkward and keeps fouling the players. He has become more of a Wrestler than a player.


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