Top 3 Free Transfers Who Shined Like A Gold For Chelsea: A German Powerhouse Tops The List

Radamel Falcao didn’t really set the world on fire with his performances for Chelsea but one thing can be forgiven, he technically was a free agent, well he was on loan so it doesn’t really count. Getting a free agent to do well for a team is not easy as many want to sign the player and the Premier League would be the last place where you expect a top club like Chelsea to pay nothing for a player.

The Blues though didn’t always have the mega bucks that Roman provides them now and have done alright in the transfer market. We look back at some of the best free transfers Chelsea have pulled off in Premier League history.

3. Didier Drogba

This isn’t about the first time Drogba came to England from Marseille but his second stint at the club. Drogba re-joined his beloved Chelsea in 2014 as a free agent from Galatasaray, he stated that he couldn’t give up the chance to work with Jose Mourinho again and knew his role in the team; he wasn’t going to be the number one choice.

Drogba though gave it his all and scored seven goals in 40 appearances for the Blues but had a great impact off the bench. The Ivorian won the League Cup and the Premier League in that season before he left the club to play for the Montreal Impact in the MLS.

Written by Kevin Harrison

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