Top 10 Footballers’ Tattoos and the Stories Behind it

Tattoos have become a part of some footballers’ lives. The players take great pride in inking their bodies. So let’s find out the top 10 footballers’ tattoos and the Stories Behind them. 

Some top players in our generation, like Messi, David Beckham, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Sergio Aguero, all have tattoos on several body parts. Sometimes the tattoos reflect a memorable period in their lives or a special person. Most of the tattoos have a different story, and they are pretty intriguing. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the top 10s of them. So without further ado, let’s get started!             

10. Nicolas Otamendi’s Tattoo

Nicolas Otamendi's TV series inspired tattoos. (Credit: Rex Features)
Nicolas Otamendi’s TV series inspired tattoos. (Credit: Rex Features)

Argentine defender Nicolas Otamendi has several tattoos on his body, including his grandfather’s face and many personal ones. But what catches the eye from far away is the tattoos on his back. There are three faces of famous TV characters inked to his upper backside: Tommy Shelby from the famous BBC series Peaky Blinders, Walter White from the American TV show ‘Breaking Bad’ and Ragnar from the series Vikings’.

The Benfica defender is a frequent TV series audible, and the characters tattooed on his back are his all-time favourites. The central defender started tattooing at 14, and he says it has become a part of his personality. Nicolas Otamendi’s TV series inspired tattoos has secured the 10th spot in the top 10 footballers’ tattoos.

9. Daniele De Rossi’s tattoo

Daniele De Rossi's tackle hazard tattoo. (Credit: Imago Images)
Daniele De Rossi’s tackle hazard tattoo. (Credit: Imago Images)

The former Roman Defensive midfielder who developed himself as one of the best in his position has a bizarre tattoo on his right calf: a “tackle hazard” sign. This symbol perfectly sums up the former Italian star’s aggression and brutality in the middle of the pitch.

This tattoo is more of a caution sign for the opponent players than anything personal to him. Daniele De Rossi’s tattoo has secured the 9th spot in the top 10 footballers’ tattoos.

8. Joe Hart’s Tattoo

Joe Hart's armour tattoo. (Credit: Instagram)
Joe Hart’s armour tattoo. (Credit: Instagram)

Joe Hart has a tattoo of armour on his right shoulder. The English goalkeeper has been known for his aggressive nature on the pitch. Being a goalkeeper, several times, he has faced strikers in one-on-one situations, which sometimes ended with a clash.

The tattoo on his shoulder makes him feel empowered and protected. It was crafted by an artist named Lancs Live. Joe Hart’s tattoo has secured the 8th spot in the top 10 footballers’ tattoos.

7. Arturo Vidal’s Tattoo

Arthur Vidal's 'Nver Give Up' tattoo. (Credit: Twitter)
Arturo Vidal’s ‘Never Give Up’ tattoo. (Credit: Twitter)

Arturo Vidal has several tattoos on his body, but the one that peeks through his shirted body is the phrase ‘Never Give Up’ tattooed on his neck. Coming from a poor background, the Chilean star achieved so much in football. He has gone to places around the world and has played with some of the biggest clubs in the world.

Furthermore, by winning 2 Copa America titles, he has made his fellow citizens proud. So the tattoo symbolises his mentality on the pitch, which has become a message to every person going through a difficult time. Arturo Vidal’s tattoo has secured the 7th spot in the top 10 footballers’ tattoos.                      

6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Tattoo 

Zlatan Ibrahimović code. (Credit: AFP)
Zlatan Ibrahimović code. (Credit: AFP)

Like Sergio Ramos, Zlatan Ibrahimovic‘s whole body is tattooed with different symbols. There is a set of numbers on his right wrist, which is believed to be the ‘Zlatan Ibrahimović code’.

The code is nothing but the birthdates of all the male members in his family, including his father Sefik, late brother Sapko, another brother Aleksander and his two sons, Maximilian and Vince. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s tattoo has secured the 6th spot in the top 10 footballers’ tattoos.    

5. Dani Alves’s Tattoo 

Dani Alves has a tatoo of his mother's face. (Picture was taken from
Dani Alves has a tattoo of his mother’s face. (Picture was taken from

Considered to be one of the best full-backs of our generation, Dani Alves has several artistic tattoos on his body. One of them is a picture of his mother’s face inked on his right arm, and another is his son’s name on his chest. Both the tattoos symbolise his love for his family.

He is the most decorated player in history, which has been only possible due to his consistency and hard work, but he always had the support of his family. Dani Alves’s tattoo has secured the 5th spot in the top 10 footballers’ tattoos.

4. Neymar’s Tattoo 

Neymar has a tatoo of his sister's face on his right arm. (Credit:
Neymar has a tattoo of his sister’s face on his right arm. (Credit:

Brazilian superstar Neymar has a total of 40 tattoos on his body. Out of all his inked spots, most of them, precisely six tattoos, are dedicated to his sister, Rafaella Santos. Neymar even inked her face on his right arm. Neymar considers her sister to be his closest friend.

The siblings came from humble beginnings and overcame all their struggles, and the best part is they were together during the whole journey. The duo share everything till today and remain a motivator for the other person. Whenever the PSG superstar feels down, he talks with his sister. Neymar’s tattoo has secured the 4th spot in the top 10 footballers’ tattoos.

3. Lionel Messi’s Tattoo

Lionel Messi has a kiss symbol on his upper groin. (Credit:
Lionel Messi has a kiss symbol on his upper groin. (Credit:

Lionel Messi has several tattoos on his body, including the hands of his first son, Thiago holding a football on his left leg, Jesus Christ’s face on his right hand and many more. However, the front part of his body is almost spotless except for one kiss symbol around his upper groin.

The tattoo symbolises his undying love for his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo. Since childhood, they have been together, and the Argentine beauty has become a part of Messi’s journey. She has become Messi’s best friend, biggest supporter, life partner, and his children’s mother.

They have one of the most famous love stories. Even if the Argentine superstar goes away from his wife because of duties, he’ll have Antonela’s kiss to remind him of her. Lionel Messi’s tattoo has secured the 3rd spot in the top 10 footballers’ tattoos. 

2. Sergio Ramos’ Tattoo 

Sergio Ramos has a Six starred symbol on his left triceps. (Credit: Instagram)
Sergio Ramos has a Six starred symbol on his left triceps. (Credit: Instagram)

It is hard to find a spotless place on Sergio Ramos’ body. He has 42 tattoos, including his significant achievements, all inked on his body. However, there is one special one on his left tricep. The tattoo is a picture of a Hexagram that is a six-pointed star that is situated in the midnight sky full of clouds.

The six-star symbolises six traits: love, Knowledge, Wisdom, Life, Understanding, and Loyalty. Ramos’ inked this special one in honour of his grandmother, Nena, who gifted a pendant with the same structure to the Spaniard’s mother. Sergio Ramos’ tattoo has secured the 2nd spot in the top 10 footballers’ tattoos.   

1. Memphis Depay’s Tattoo 

Memphis Depay's 'Lion Face' tattoo. (Credit: Pinterest)
Memphis Depay’s ‘Lion Face’ tattoo. (Credit: Pinterest)

Known as the ‘king of tattoos,’ Memphis Depay has a picture of a lion covering all his back area. Lions are very famous for tattoos because they represent power, strength, courage, wisdom, pride, royalty, dignity, and self-confidence. Depay believes his tattoo symbolises the strength of his heart.

The Dutch star has been through many tough times, but he didn’t give in and kept advancing, which is the mentality of a Lion, and he has embodied it by inking his body. Memphis Depay’s tattoo has secured the 1st spot in the top 10 footballers’ tattoos.         

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Written by Surajit Das

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