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Three Reasons Why Manchester United Should Not Sell This Super Forward

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If major tabloids are to be believed, Real Madrid are keen to add yet another Galactico to their enviable squad this summer, by trying to snap up Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney. The Englishman is subject to a £25 million transfer bid by Florentino Perez’s audacious transfer haul but Manchester United are in no mood to sell. United are currently seventh in the Premier League and by the look of their dire straits of form currently, David Moyes would need a miracle to earn a Champions League berth. This means Rooney, who currently has just eighteen months left is his contract is open to playing with old pal Cristiano Ronaldo at the greener pastures of Spain if Real Madrid can prize him away from Old Trafford. However, we here at Soccersouls feel Wayne Rooney characterizes Manchester United beyond imagination and provide three reasons why United shouldn’t sell him at any price.


1. Never sell your best player: Even after the likes of Van Persie and Juan Mata joining the Red Devils at old Trafford, Rooney still remains United’s gem and their most valuable player. The 28 year old possess an engine-esque ability to drive his team in the testing of times, a testament of sheer brilliance and exquisite footballing ability. David Moyes needs to save a faltering season but his ship seems to be sinking within no time. If there is anyone who can invigorate a final charge for the Red Devils in the last half of the campaign,  it’s the former Everton prodigy who can change any game by the scruff of its neck in the blink of an eye.