Three Reasons Why Arsenal Will Sneak Their Way To The Title

Manchester City’s shocking defeat to Chelsea at Etihad shows how tactically good Jose Mourinho’s side is. In fact both City and Chelsea have been some showing some breathtaking displays since the start of this season, but look who is on the top of the table? Color is not blue or light blue, it’s the red and whites from North London who are sitting at the top without much fuss.

Three Reasons Why Arsenal will win the title

1. Disciplined Defence


Probably the most improved department from last season. With the towering Mertesacker leading the group while his companion Kocielny is bossing the defence with his high-flying tackles. Mertesacker was criticized for his lack of pace but he neutralize that with his accurate positioning and ariel abilities. It’s not only about these two. Whole Arsenal team defends better as a team. Even the likes of Santi Cazorla are helping the defense now. Remarkable change indeed.

Written by Dinesh V

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