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Talks Progressing Well: Chelsea Set To Rope In A Star Name

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Inter Milan are likely the most discussed club as far as the transfer market in football goes. The Italian outfit is always in the news for getting entwined with various transfer targets over the year. They are said to be buying some player or the other almost regularly but many a times it turns out to be a wishful thinking of the Italian media.

Though the above statement is not true 100%, Inter apparently do have interest in many players, but rarely take that further to actual transfer happening. One of the latest player doing the news in Milan was Jonathan Calleri but apparently Inter is backing down due to unavailability of funds for transfer.

A news has also been doing the rounds that Chelsea are interested in Calleri and talks are going ahead with the transfer. There are also talks of other interested clubs but apparently Chelsea lead the pack. However, one must not forget that a little while ago the one of the South American media had announced that Chelsea have already agreed to a deal for Calleri. Thus one has to wait and watch how this story develops.