(Stats War) Tottenham Midfielder Comes Out The Better One When Compared To Liverpool Star

Tottenham Hotspur have had a dream season this year and have stunned everyone in the world. The teams are playing exceptionally well and close in achieving their dream. Not just a single player but, every player played out of their skin. The team is playing for the honour. The team which finished their last campaign sitting on the 5th spot on the table have become the world’s favourite. Even if they don’t win the title this year, they will win the hearts of the entire world and that is for sure.

From the defence to the attack the team has made no errors in their games. Jan Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Danny Rose, Kyle Walker, Eric Dier and Dele Alli all have been phenomenal at their respective position. On the other hand, there has been a player in their side who played a major role in their quest for the title. Christian Eriksen, the Danish professional joined Tottenham couple of seasons back. At this very moment, the player has fitted very well in the high pressing style of Pochettino. He has become the dominant force in the side who might win the title. The player has his excellence in shooting the ball from the long range, providing some great diagonal passes to the players and finding some great through passes that cut the opposition’s defence very easily.

On the other side, we have the young Brazilian magician Philippe Coutinho. At the age of 23, he is one of the fastest players on the pitch. The young boy can play various roles on the pitch, say, as an attacking Midfielder, Second Striker and Winger. But his prime weapon has always been his pace and his long range shots. The little magician has the vision, can pass the ball at some distance. Naturally a right footed player, Coutinho is capable of playing with both feet and can strike the ball with real pace. Coutinho has been one of the main sources for the goals this season for Liverpool and has been a key figure for his team as well.

We will try to figure it out that who amongst both had a good season so far.

Coutinho vs Eriksen-

For the records, Philippe Coutinho has played 21 games for Liverpool this season in the Premier League and Eriksen has played 29.  Coutinho has scored 7 goals for his side and Eriksen has 6 goals to his name this season. Besides their goal scoring ability, both have been known for their expertise in finding the teammates to get their team a goal.

The Brazilian Magician has 5 assists to his name so far this season in the league whereas Eriksen has assisted 9 times in the league. In terms of creating chances for the team, Eriksen easily beats the Liverpool’s man as he has created 97 chances for the team in which he had those 9 assists and 88 were the crucial passes and, on the other hand, Coutinho has created just 36 chances for the team in which 31 were the key passes and 5 are those assists.

Though Philippe Coutinho is known for his long-range efforts, he has been able to shoot just 25 shots on and 31 shots off target this season and have a shooting accuracy of 45%. Looking at the stats of the Danish playmaker, he has an impressive shooting accuracy of 60% and has been able to shot 37 shots on target and 25 shots off target.

Talking in terms of awards this season, Coutinho has 3 man of the match awards where on the other hand, the Tottenham star has been named as the man of the match twice. Besides their awards, both have a little difference in terms of the average of their passing accuracy. The Brazilian star averages 78% of passing accuracy and has completed 678 passes in this season’s premier league whereas the Tottenham’s man beats the Liverpool’s star in this attribute as he has the average passing accuracy of 82% and has completed 1186 numbers of passes this season (in the premier league).

In terms of defending, both the players share an equal average of Duels won i.e 51% and averages at least 2 defensive actions per game (including clearance, interceptions, blocks). Both the players are a specialist in long balls, so when we talk about their average of passing length both shares the same number of 17m in which Coutinho has managed to deliver 40 long balls this season and Eriksen has delivered 38.

Both players are very important in for their respective teams. And both gave each other a tough challenge in this war of Stats. The win is very marginal but still, a win is a win. Christian Eriksen is the winner of this stats war.


Note: Stats are taken from squawka.com

Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar

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