Stats Show That This Barcelona Defender And His Real Madrid Compatriot Have Been Neck To Neck This Season

There is a tough battle going on for the title in Spain where all the 3 side (Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid) are doing everything they can to keep themselves alive in the race.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are the teams which are praised for having the best attacks in the world and no doubt about it, B-B-C and M-S-N are the unstoppable force in Europe. They can cut down any defense through their different abilities. With their superclass attacks, the teams are also famous for their attacking style of play in which their full backs play a major role. Their overlapping runs and their defensive capabilities make their team even stronger.

Real Madrid are struggling in terms of their center backs but, they have a great duo working at their full back position. On the other hand, Barcelona are having a great time under Luis Enrique. There is hardly any position at the club where they lack in creativity. From Bravo to Suarez, every position is occupied by a world class player.

Here, we will be trying to compare Daniel Carvajal and Dani Alves and will try to figure it out that who amongst them had a better season-

Carvajal vs Alves-

Just for the records, Carvajal has played 20 games this season for the club (in La Liga) in which he has played 12 full games, 3 after coming as a substitute and has played 5 in which he was snubbed off. Alves, on the other hand, has 24 appearances to his name where he has played 14 full games, 4 as a substitute and has played 6 in which he was snubbed off. In their number of appearances for the clubs, both have been unable to score any goal for the club.

Alves has managed to shoot 4 shots on target and 7 have been off target and Carvajal has a really shocking stat as he has not fired any shot in the league. Talking about the individual performance for the team, Alves has been named as the worst man in the team twice this season whereas Carvajal has no such record.

Daniel Carvajal has created 28 chances for the club this season in the league and has 4 assists to his name. Furthermore, Alves has created just 17 chances for the team and has 3 assists to his name. Both share the same number when we talk about their average of passing accuracy and that is 87% in which, Carvajal has managed to complete 768 passes and Alves has managed to complete 1153 passes. Carvajal has an average passing length of 16m where he has completed 37 long balls and Alves has an average passing length of 15m and has completed 39 long balls.

Talking in terms of their average of duels won, Carvajal has won 48% of his duels and Alves has won 44%. Carvajal has won 21 out of his 38 headed duels and has been succeeded in 20 out of his 35 individual take ons. Alves, on the other hand, has won just 14 out of his 41 headed duels and has been succeeded in his 21 out 31 take ons. Also, Carvajal has committed 45 fouls while Alves has committed just 39.

Both Alves and Carvajal averages at least 3 defensive actions per game including blocks, interceptions and clearances. Carvajal has won four tackles this season with a success rate of 24% and has made nine interceptions, 10 clearances and three blocks this season while Alves has won 33 tackles this season with a success rate of 43%. He has made 39 interceptions, 33 clearances and six blocks.

It has been a tough stat war and both of them have cancelled each other out in different departments. It is very hard to judge who had a better season so will be considering it as a draw.

Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar

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