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How Will This French Goal Scoring Beast Fit In At Manchester United Next Season?

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Alexandre Lacazette

Alexandre Lacazette

Manchester United are buzzing high after their recent FA cup semi-finals match against Everton. It was a match which reminded many of the older Manchester United of Sir Alex Ferguson. An attacking game throughout with an injury time winner is what Manchester United have done for the greater part of their time since the early 1990’s. Accordingly Anthony Martial has roped in all the reviews for his cool and composed finish. Marcus Rashford has also raved in a lot of positive reviews. Since making a breakthrough in the senior team due to injuries to other strikers, this 18 year old striker has been absolutely amazing.

Wayne Rooney has also moved in to a more midfield approach now a days. Even though United are somehow managing to score a goal or two in recent matches, one cannot forget their first half of the season where the goals had just dried up. United looked miserable in front of the opponent defence. With the transfer season coming on pretty soon, Manchester season are expected to look in to it for a good goal scoring striker. With that many have associated the name of Alexandre Lacazette with Manchester United.

So will the talented Frenchmen fit in at Manchester United? I feel he will be perfect at United. The talented striker is a prolific goal scorer in front of the goal and always looks like a threat in the opponent box. He has made 31 appearances this season and has scored 18 goals in them. He has also registered 3 assists and maintained a 60% shot accuracy. He has created 38 chances, maintained an average pass accuracy close to 80%. He is also good in the air and has won close to 50% of his average duels. In the 2014-15 season he made 33 appearances and scored 27 goals in them. He also had a shot accuracy close to 70%, an average pass accuracy close to 80% and created 20 chances. Lacazette looks like a striker who offers the complete package. He is prolific goal scorer who creates chances and is good in duels. He is also known to have quick feet and hold great control over the ball.

Manchester United need a quick fast striker who is also a goal scoring machine. Lacazette seems to be the perfect fit for that. The United philosophy needs a player with attributes that Lacazette offers. With Rooney in a play making role, United need a fast striker to run in to the opponent box to receive the long balls from him. Lacazette might do that with perfection. Also the Frenchman will form a formidable partnership with fellow countrymen Anthony Martial. Both of them seem to be the future for France and might just become the future for United as well. Just being 24 years old, Lacazette already looks like a matured striker and looks to be set to go on and become a world class striker in a couple of seasons. Martial, Rashford and Lacazette will make a trio that might absolutely dominate the EPL next season. They might offer United the chance to play 4-3-3 formation in more and more matches and I feel that might just be the way that United struck free flowing football again. Three fast paced attackers in front and Rooney in behind them. That sounds exciting.

Well, we all hope that we get to see the old United of 1990’s and 2000’s. A United team that used to struck fear into the heart of the oppositions. A United team that used to be fast, creative and attacking all throughout the match. We have missed that United for a few seasons now and it’s about time that we get them back.

Lacazette looks like one of those key players who might guide United back to their old form.