Why This £70,000-a-week Spurs Man Is Not The Successor For Michael Carrick At Manchester United

After the League Cup euphoria, Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United were brought down to earth by a gritty Bournemouth side at the Old Trafford this past weekend. The manager will not be happy with the performance of a few of his players in the team and one Michael Carrick will be high up that list. Mourinho spoke about the English midfielder and his importance to the side this season but there is little chance that he will stay at the club beyond this season. The manager has already been looking for replacements and has identified £70,000-a-week Tottenham Hotspur star Eric Dier as the right option. But is the Spurs man the best bet for Mourinho? Here is why Eric Dier is not what Manchester United need at the moment:

What does Eric Dier offer?

At just 23, Dier is one of the most exciting midfielders in the country at the moment. He is versatile and can play as a central midfielder or even as a central defender with equal ease. Known for his ability with the ball at his feet, Dier is a ball playing midfielder who thrives in packed situations. He knows his way around a player, giving him the ability to get out of dangerous situations with ease while his concentration level makes him a superb option in defence.

Michael Carrick is a complete package but Eric Dier is not

At the Old Trafford, Carrick has been splendid this season, playing just in behind Paul Pogba but covering the space between the defenders and the midfielders for his side. The Englishman likes to sit deep and dictate play and this has allowed the likes of Ander Herrera and Paul Pogba to wander freely in the final third. Carrick is effective in breaking up play just in front of the back 4 and allowing his team to attack by releasing the ball quickly.

Dier is not a player who would do this consistently. He is more than capable of sitting back and running the game and also frustrating the opponents but he is just not as good as Carrick when it comes to distribution. Dier loves to take on the responsibility of turning defence into attack and sometimes dwells too long on the ball. He may not lose possession but he is not a player who would turn defence into attack. He tries to find some space for himself before releasing the ball with accuracy and this is something that will not fit into Mourinho’s game.

The Verdict

Dier is a gifted player with decent vision and a better ability to execute but he is just not the kind of a player who would fit into this Manchester United squad. Mourinho would preferably want to buy a midfielder who can play alongside Pogba in a 2-man midfield and at the moment, Dier is not a player who can excel in such a system. He is more than a decent player who can walk into the squad at the Old Trafford but he is just not the ideal midfielder that Mourinho has been searching for.

Do you think Eric Dier is the right man for Manchester United?

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