Reus And Götze – BVB’s Unstoppable German Force

You’ve got Barcelona’s famous Xavi-Messi-Iniesta triangle, Manchester United’s Rooney-Persie duo and then you have the mesmerizing BVB force of Reus and Götze. Upcoming superstars of German and world football, these two have given a new definition to midfield play. With such great talent at such a young age, Dortmund has taken the reigns and progressed to the top of German football.

Talking About Individual Skills And Talents

Marco Reus is a young and gunning 23 year old German winger. In no time has he has taken control of Dortmund’s future in terms of the attacking play after making the move from Borussia Monchengladbach last year for a transfer fee of €17.1 m. Ever since the star move, he has found himself in a comfortable position, being a regular starter and consistent performer for the club.

The defining factor which separates him from the rest of the positioned wingers, is his ability to play through the middle and on the flanks. This free role around the pitch gives him the extra edge to grasp the game on both ends. Tactically also, the German has never shown any error in his composure and decision making. His added fast pace has also never faltered due to his presence of mind and dribbling control. Thus, combining the ability of play-maker and attacking midfielder, he is definitely the glue to keeping BVB in track.

Famous Celebration Of The German Duo

Now when we talk about Mario Götze, the first word that comes to mind is pure talent. German wonder-kid at just 20 years is making waves in the media for his exceptional display on the field. The youth academy at Dortmund has tagged him as the best product produced thus far. He has the potential to play on leveled terms with Lionel Messi.

“It is not possible to stop Mario Gotze. There is no one playing better than him. He runs through opponents as though they aren’t there. He has the same assets as Lionel Messi in terms of his technique and understanding of the game. He is an instinctive footballer – just like Messi.” German legend Franz Beckenbauer on Gotze.

Primarily acting as an attacking midfielder, he has mastered most of the positions up front and assumes a free role. When most expected Shinji Kagawa to shine, he was affected by an injury which sidelined him for months. That’s when Mario picked up the pieces and has become a potential superstar! A wide range of assets provided with a 100% fully dedicated and committed approach to the game shot him to instant fame. His superb ball control and dribbling are completely on another level; a level on which you simply can’t compete!

Stats Speak For Themselves

As you can see above, Reus has a wide range of shot selection and can score from any position while Mario has a good eye for passing with his average pass accuracy rate of 84%. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop the dynamic midfielder from scoring goals. With a brilliant passer and powerful striker, they make the perfect midfield duo.

Future In Store For BVB

Talent plus Age plus Skill. These two have got em all! With other wonderful players to back these two, you can expect to see BVB going on to reach that next level. Most football experts and pundits have praised these two and it’s because of their performance on the field that they have gotten this far. Much to stardom, footballers tend to deviate from the straight-forward footballing path. This German duo hasn’t and that’s what we fans love about them.

Borussia Dortmund isn’t the same without these two; As simple as that!!


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