Boca Juniors And A Boat Behind Their History

April 3 marks the anniversary of the official founding of Club Atlético Boca Juniors. If we mentioned it to the younger generations of the Boca Juniors the name Sophia Drottning, most probably would not know what it is, much less that it is a fundamental part of the history of their team.


The famous Argentine sports club is named after Santiago Sana, who chose the name of the club and supplemented with the word “Juniors” for a touch English. The word Juniors was added to give the name an English feel and a cachet that was somewhat at odds with the suburb’s working-class character. Known as los xeneizes (the Genoese) after the large number of Italian immigrants who lived in La Boca at the time. So when it came to match day, Santiago decided to play with a white uniform with celestial vertical lines. The uniforms had been in such bad shape, that after the game they decided to change the colors. As discussed in the Plaza Solís what would be the new skin tones, the five founders of the club decided to go a near by bridge, where Brichetto Rafael, one of the first to join the club worked. Once there, they agreed that the colors of the club would be those of the flag of the first ship that passed by.

The yellow and blue that the Argentine club wore these days are due to the flag of Sweden, which came from the Drottning Sophiaand which had the famous yellow and blue on it. These colors vibrate today to 40.4% of the fans in Argentina (according to a study by consultancy Equis, updated to March of 2012). 



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