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Records Galore, But Why Manchester United Are Taking A Huge Risk If They Sign This Superstar

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Jose Mourinho

Has he or has he not? That is the biggest question on the minds of Manchester United fans as they dream about getting Jose Mourinho to manage the side next season. Even though Louis van Gaal is set to take the team to an FA Cup final and could also ensure they get into the Champions League with a top four finish, his position at the club is in jeopardy with random reports coming in that Mourinho has agreed a multimillion pound deal with the side.

Mourinho, though has been extremely successful in every club he has taken over. From Italy to Spain to Portugal and England, he has won silverware and more often than not, he does get things right, but there are also a lot of concerns about his misdemeanors and this would be an issue for Manchester United fans, well, for the board at least.

Manchester United might be looking for the glory days that they enjoyed under Sir Alex but it isn’t all that great under Mourinho.

An agent of destruction

While Mourinho and Wenger could play their games again next season if the Portuguese manager does take over at Manchester, it wouldn’t be the best news for Manchester United. The club would want a strong character in the side, but not at the expense of quality football.

Mourinho could guarantee the Premier League title in the first two years but the side would end up playing rather drab football, possibly even worse than what is being seen under Louis van Gaal. The former Chelsea manager is not the person to bring into the side if a club is looking to play attractive football, he is the anti-football guy to an extent with results counting for a lot more than the happiness of fans, that is until the last day of the season when they can celebrate a trophy or two but even that comes at a price.

Wherever Mourinho has gone, more often than not, there have been problems for the club during his tenure or even after it. Chelsea, Real and Inter Milan are perfect examples of the clubs that have had to deal with his issues.

From blaming the referees to going after the physio, it has been a strange season this year for the Special One. He started the season calling himself the happy one but all that went down the drain with each game leading to more misery for the club.

Let us not forget about the three-year plan which ends up with a club going into meltdown. Mourinho has done it at Inter, Chelsea and Real and it could happen once again at Manchester United.

It doesn’t happen too often that a manager comes into a side for a second time in his career and then gets booted out rather unceremoniously. Chelsea did that to Mourinho this season, a sign of things to come at Manchester United next season?

United need someone who can bring back the glory days and that means that amazing brand of football and the never say die attitude they were known for, not someone who can bore the fans and get the result that is needed. They already have Van Gaal to nod them off to sleep on match days and they do not need Mourinho to do that next season.

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